Since the last decade, the term DevOps entered our collective lexicon, and technology teams all over the world have started to adopt this methodology. Devops breaks down the traditional barrier between development and IT operations teams. There are various advantages for enterprises adopting a DevOps lead approach to deal with how they build software. One of the most important is that- it speeds up the time-to-market for software releases through increased deployment frequency. Another one is, bug fixes can be delivered rapidly and with less hassle because of automated tool chains. And the next one is, mechanization that devops brings dramatically improves the availability to concentrate on innovation, instead of being caught in the ordinary pattern of bug fixes and routine fire-fighting.

Challenges In DevOps-
There is more complexity in managing and monitoring the DevOps environment. It gets difficult for the DevOps team to manage the magnitude of data in today’s dynamic and distributed application environment. The team needs to manage data that can be in Exabyte. So, it becomes challenging for a human to deal with huge data and make operations to solve customer’s issues. It requires more time to deal with that data. A human can’t analyze the whole data manually.

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In such a situation, there have been increased efforts to integrate AI and DevOps, that helps to save time and increased efficiency. Expecting that, in the near future AI will emerge as a tool to compute, analyse and transform how teams manage and develop applications. Aside from its regular use in the DevOps environment, AI can also prove to be helpful in addressing security issues and data leaks, for organizing memory management, and in garbage collection. Here we came with some important ways in which AI can transform DevOps.

Important Ways In Which AI Can Transform DevOps-
1. Automated Code Reviews And Code Analysis Tools-
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