Thick and shiny hair is an asset which needs to be nourished because there are several factors that can cause hair fall and subsequent thinning of scalp hair. Hair loss needs to be dealt with from inside out, and not the other way round.

Focusing on the main causes

Commonly used advanced trichology DHT blocker and keratin supplements provide a wide spectrum of benefits including reversal of hair fall and strengthening the hair to improve the general health of hair. These are the two important ingredients of the most sought-after hair growth and hair strengthening preparations.

As we grow older, there are many changes in the hormonal status of the body. DHT is one of the constituents of testosterone which can stimulate hair fall in ageing people, including men as well as women. Rise in DHT levels is therefore associated with the thinning of hair and supplements that block this hormone are used to combat age-related hair fall.

Uses of biotin and keratin

In addition to keratin, another ingredient found in hair care solutions such as pills and shampoos is biotin which is a common name for Vitamin B7. While keratin is found to be present in hair and nails, biotin is attributed to enrichment of hair through its oxygen carrying and amino acid producing properties.

Keratin supply to the hair is found to be a complex process and, therefore, it needs to be supplemented externally by using hair growth preparations. It should be noted that biotin and keratin play different roles in improving the health of hair.

Other vital ingredients

In order to gain denser, healthier hair, you should use some of the best hair products for hair growth. Let us look at few essential constituents of these products. As described earlier, biotin, keratin and DHT blocker agents must be included in the ideal hair care formula for thinning hair.
There are other ingredients with proven effects of ensuring swift hair growth and improvement in hair density. Most of these ingredients are in the form of herbal extracts, bioflavanoids, and other traditionally used oils.

You will notice that advanced trichology DHT blocker supplements contain root powders, pumpkin seed extracts, and inorganic substances such as zinc and copper. Always use a product that offers a balanced formula of these ingredients. It would be better if your hair care formula offers a good supply of Biotin ranging from 2500 mcg to 5000 mcg.

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