Everyone talks about growth, power, marking-share and do everything that they can to maximize their returns on their investment. If your an employee and if you think that you have nothing to do with ROI, then think again.
I am certain that you want to grow in your field, earn more money, move up the ladder and become successful. If you answer is yes, then go ahead and read this article and know you can be a part of ROI. No not return on investment, but three other magical words that you can change the way you work. They are Responsibility -- Ownership -- Integrity (ROI)

Achieving 100 per cent responsibility at the work may sound too idealistic. But that should not deter us from the aiming for it Responsibility means that you are obliged to carry out a duty, making you accountable for the action taken.
Depending on people attitude towards responsibility we can categorize them as follows:
Type A -- Those who take less than 100 per cent responsibility.
Type B -- Those who take more than 100 per cent responsibility
Type C -- Those who take 100 per cent responsibility
Type A -- These are the kind of people who are afraid to take enough responsibilities and therefore, treat themselves as victims of life/situation. They are like spectators who see problem and difficulties form a distance but do nothing about it. There are over depending on others they are so immobilized by the fear of failure that the best action for them is ‘NO’ Action.
Type B -- People in this category take more responsibility then they can actually handle, they do it to prove a point to someone or simply to show off and more often than not they struggle to get things done. When they feel they blame others for their failures, they become aggressive and do not accept their mistakes.
Type C -- people like this are realists and know when and how much responsibility to take. They believe in action and motivate others to chip in. They do not worry about who got the credit for a job well done. They are open to new ideas, ready to accept mistakes, let go of anger and recognize goals and priorities and take up responsibilities. Dr Charles Pellerin defines such peoples as 100 per cent response*Able, those who are able to respond; respond to challenges.
If each of us attempts to become a type C person, who are sure to notice a change in the way we work and deliver, both at home and at the workplace.

This is one attribute that every employer looks out for in people, either while hiring, promoting or even while assigning responsibilities, people who are good at taking ownership generally success faster than their peers.
The Employee Ownership Foundation says that is nothing magical about employee ownership, it does not guarantee success, nor prevent are cure business problems. But it is still very critical because employees with ownership have a great attitude towards their job, company and peers, all of which contribute to making a company successful.
The simple win-win formula is that employees perform extraordinarily well the company performance is likely to be extraordinarily and that translates high stock value for employees.
Employee ownership includes high-value of loyalty and dependability, blended with passion, perseverance and persistence for your job. Ownership makes ordinary employees achieve extraordinary results.

Integrity is very core of our character and it is derived from our values. In order to be honest with others, we need to be honest with ourselves. The good news is that we can all work on this aspect of our character and improve upon our integrity. As we improve the quality of our character, our relationship with others becomes stronger, therefore, it improves life in general.
As a leader, you can exhibit integrity by being consistent in what you do, by making sure you always keep up your word and build trust among your team member. Integrity is the necessary part of the trust, both of which are vital ingredients for enhancing performance.
As a salesman, you win the client with your skill and commitment, so when you make promises on rates, dates or other aspects of business, then you must deliver things promised. That's integrity!
At the workplace, you can exhibit integrity by making the best use of your office hours and resources. People will notice your effort if your best each day and keep improving the quality of your work.
Likewise in the relationship with family and friends, be truthful. If you have a problem with someone’s behaviour or if you are unhappy about something and if that is troubling you, then don’t hold yourself back, have an honest discussion with the concerned person and sort things out. This way you will maintain your integrity with the person and help improve a relationship.
So go ahead and work to build your ROI for a great future, a great career and for a great return on investment

Author's Bio: 

Rahul Kapoor (February 18,1976) is an Indian inspirational speaker, mentor, author and entrepreneur. Kapoor is known for his talks and seminars on peak performance, teamwork and relationships. He has authored self-help books, which includes Work Wise – Lessons in Excellence for Young Professionals and Dad & I – Inspiring Stories for Teens. Through his seminars, Kapoor has impacted over 3,00,000 people across 15 countries. Kapoor is the founder of several companies and charitable trusts. Junior Chambers International awarded him with Outstanding Young Persons of India Award in 2010. He is also a youth icon and partners with organizations worldwide in inspiring youth to lead a powerful value-based life.