Over the years, leadership has changed to meet the requirements of modern times and ever-changing business landscapes. Rogayeh Tabrizi has cultivated a team that practices honest and open feedback and developed an environment where continuous learning and curiosity is rewarded. Leading this type of environment allows Rogayeh and her team to ask the right questions to ensure Theory+Practice drives value for their clients.

The bellow are the highlights of the Interview with Insights Success a Business Magazine.

Through her lens of physics and behavioural economics, Rogayeh noticed the business world was approaching data from a data-first perspective whereas she saw the true potential of data strategies being unlocked with a businessfirst approach. This observation led her to co-found Theory+Practice, which offers a range of services to help their clients stay ahead of an ever-changing market, including data analysis and value-first data strategies, automated and integrated AI, and behavioral economics.

Wise Words for Entrepreneurs

“Building a roadmap is another great tool that gives a leader confidence in their direction and reduces any misgivings. So, to sum up, my advice, people are key, ask questions first, and always experiment!” Rogayeh concludes.

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