When I carry out pest control treatments in peoples homes, I often get told, I do not know how they are getting in, and they come back every year.

There are some places that people over look and there are other places that people would not think a rodent could enter a property via, here we will look at areas and how to proof them.

Rats and Mice will squeeze through holes much smaller than the size of their own bodies so bear this in mind when carrying out proofing.

Check the outside of your home for air bricks, a common entry point for mice, these can be proofed by fixing mesh, or which I prefer, a luver style vent over them which still enables air flow.

Check under the drainage and sink areas around pipes and water and waste water pipes, into the floor and through the walls, these areas although sometimes only having the smallest of space available can often be an entry point for rodents. Depending on the size of the holes fill with wire wool and expanding foam.

Check entry and exit doors for gaps, if gaps are found fix a bristle strip/draft excluder's to the base of the door to prevent rodent access.

Inspect areas around the home for rat burrows, check in areas that are overgrown, areas that could harbour rats that may be have a build up of items providing shelter.

Ensure that areas within the home have no holes the size of a pen or bigger, if proofing is not carried out and done correctly then rodent infestations can occur over and over.

Essex Pest and Bird Control carry out proofing treatments nearly every time we carry out a rodent removal treatment, giving the peace of mind that they will not be back any time soon!

Proofing is very important and should always be considered when dealing with rodent infestations, you can request a free inspection to check for proofing issues and in most cases carry out the work yourself or ask your local pest controller to do these works for you whilst carrying out the pest removal treatment.

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