We all are Indians, and we all know what Indian women wear at home.

Saree of course.

It’s not like that they don’t have a choice or you can’t picture them wearing anything else. But let's be serious, it's sarees we are talking about.

While designers and boutique owners are trying to give a western look and a more modern touch to a saree. Today’s youth has traded the humble saree for outfits deemed more convenient and manageable. In fact, comfort and convenience are now the two deciding factors for purchasing work wear for women and the saree has been relegated to category of outfits of choice for special occasions.

We believe it’s a myth that a lot of effort goes into draping a saree, and it is impossible to carry it everyday. But let me tell you it’s not like that. This whole blog is about how to rock your everyday saree look.

In recent times, more and more people are waking up to the realization that sarees are the perfect outfits for the Indian body type. Nothing can replace a good and comfortable saree. Period. There is a saree to suit everyone’s personality and as more women are celebrating an individualistic sense of style, sarees are making a popular comeback as the outfit of choice for everyday workwear too. We have observed that saree is the ultimate power outfit for many Indian female employees

How To Choose A Daily Wear Saree:
We are not talking about a celebrity lifestyle but about the regular Indian women with lots of chores to meet and daily errands to run. So obviously you cannot think of wearing a banarasi silk saree everyday because then you will not be able to work properly as most of the time your mind will be consumed with thoughts of getting stains and ruining the saree forever.

On the contrary, you can choose from beautiful light and comfortable sarees in materials like cotton, georgette, chiffon and net, that come in diverse prints & colors. These are very easy to carry and draped properly, can give you an aura of desi chic, much coveted by all.

When choosing a cotton silk saree india for everyday wear, always go for simple yet beautiful choices to make you stand out in its simple elegance. Every workplace, regardless of the nature of the job, will expect you to dress professionally. Depending upon your working environment, you may choose differently.

Time of the day
For daytime work, you can choose sarees in light shades of yellow, light pink, powder blue, lime green or pastel shades. Go for sarees in deeper shades such as brown, red or even black during corporate occasions at night.

India is a country blessed with extreme weather conditions. However there is something for every weather in our diverse collection of sarees. In summers flaunt your pretty and crisp, cool cotton sarees while in winter, you can go for chiffon or georgette in various patterns.

How To Manage A Daily Wear Saree
Saree is the tangible visualization of sophistication but it’s not initially if you wont make it, if you won’t wear it like that, if you won’t carry yourself like that. Come on, we are not talking about wearing a saree we are talking about how to rock a saree every day. also needs to be carried with much grace and confidence. Almost every woman has had the experience of a saree mishap where either the pallu has fallen off at inopportune moments or they have tripped over their pleats and torn or undone it. But with these hacks, it is possible to avoid these accidents and be comfortable wearing a saree for everyday wear.

Choose the right fabric: Avoid statins as they’re slippery and opt for beautiful silk, chiffon or georgette instead. Also avoid heavy embellishments to avoid discomfort for long duration wear.

Adjust your pallu: Manage the pallu length till it suits your height. Make sure it is not too short as it will look clumsy but also avoid extra long pallus lest you trip on them.

Always keep a pin or two handy
Pin the inner border of your pallu discreetly at your shoulder with a tiny pin and you will never drop your pallu again.

Have your petticoats stitched to your body type & height.
This is something you should really take care of, we know that you may get a handful of “free to all” size petticoats but don’t go for it.

Tie the saree properly, while you may love to try the low-waist look, your bosses might not appreciate this. The saree and the petticoat will start itching downwards after some time so you need to tie the saree at the right height to avoid tripping on it.

A good and simple piece of jewelry will also make the difference for you. Never forget that saree will never go out of style you just need to know how to carry yourself in it. We hope that we’ve made your troubles a little less as how to rock a saree every day.

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