Most people can’t say they know a lot about bitcoin, investing, or stocks in general. Not Rocco Sweeter. He took a lot of time studying cryptocurrency, investments, and how to become an entrepreneur; and he’s been successful at it. After establishing a stable knowledge about cryptocurrency, his interests shifted to becoming a self-made social media influencer. Born on June 2nd, 2006, Sweeter has set himself a goal to become the best he can be.

Now that he has served his time in the world of cryptocurrency, he now has sparked interest in social media, the algorithm to grow, and how he himself can become an influencer himself. With his 13,000+ follower audience-and growing- he falls into the micro-influencer category; meaning he has under 100,000 followers. This is perfect for Sweeter because as he has positioned himself in the right place online to become a friend and mentor. Sweeter’s success at such a young age is an inspiration for those who wish to be successful like him.

Sweeter truly is a rising star via social media, as he has received so much success at a young age while staying true to himself and his beliefs.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sweeter or how you can work with him, you can follow him on Instagram. (@roccosweeter)

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