Robots, robots. Everyone is talking about robots. They say that smart machines that can do almost any job better than a person will eventually take our jobs. We here with fellow professionals decided to find out, and what, in fact, robots would be better than humans?

As an example, they decided to take the robots-guards. And the case turned up. One American startup engaged in the development of such robots managed to raise investments worth about $ 50 million. Are modern technologies already so cool that they are ready to replace a person?

If you now thought that the robot guard is sort of a “Robocop” with a shotgun at the ready, who walks around the territory entrusted to him and monitors his surroundings, glittering with his digital eyes - better leave this idea for science fiction films and literature. The reality is quite the opposite. In fact, they look quite friendly.

So, what are security robots for?

In fact, the main idea of ​​implementing the idea of ​​developing security robots is that people in this profession spend most of their time doing almost nothing. Even in the case of some emergency situation (someone broke a window, trying to break into the room; the fire started; the cat under the door is giving birth or cannot get down from the tree) their main task, according to the instructions, is to report as soon as possible about this in all possible ways to the appropriate services, and only then directly act on the situation. In other words, guards must walk around buildings and offices (as well as inside them), controlling the trusted zone and sometimes communicate with people. And, (this is the most important) if they notice something suspicious, they should immediately report it.

There are not so many manufacturers of security robots in the world. You can count on the fingers of one hand, if you do not take into account the very full consumer goods from a famous Chinese site. There are developments in the USA, China, Japan, India.

The current capabilities of the robot guards

Despite the fact that in the yard already in 2019 (almost a quarter of the 21st century has passed) security robots in their development have not far gone from the alarm sensors. In fact, this is still the same set of cameras and tracking sensors, only now they are still used together with the mobile platform. In particular, it is possible to distinguish the platform-carts (4 and 6-wheeled with high traffic), for use outdoors, as well as 2 and 3-wheeled platforms, designed to work indoors.

In general, all offers on the market today have the same set of functions:

Equipped with a laser radar (lidar), which allows you to scan the space for foreign objects and subjects;

A set of cameras (optical, infrared and so on);

Various sensors (temperature, toxic gases, and so on), allowing to monitor fire and biological safety;

In some cases, a digital display through which humans can interact with the robot;

Having found an abnormal situation, the robot guard, as a rule, lets the owner know about it. In some cases, the car can also contact security companies, for example, using prerecorded messages or sending them photos or videos from the suspicious activity site. In principle, this is where his functions end.

Where are patrol robots used?

In the western countries, the popularity of using robots is quite high. For example, Microsoft was one of the first to hire a robot to patrol and track order around its own office in Silicon Valley, which quickly set a new trend. Some companies, mostly American ones, followed the example of a Windows developer and began to buy, or rather lease, similar robots.

The first practice was not quite the same as promised by the manufacturer. There were reports that one of the robots decided to drown in the fountain "lost in three pines". Another knocked down a child, sending him to the hospital bed. In this case, the company tried to justify itself, and then to challenge the amount of compensation for the parents' claim. Well, you can write off the shortcomings of the first models. It happened all the same a couple of years ago. New cars are better oriented and do not crash into people. Only benefit from them has not increased.

To summary, patrol robots are an amazing development that will drastically improve human lives and safety. We eager to follow it's development!

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