Robert G. Smith is the founder of FasterEFT, a tapping method with a huge NLP-style component and influences from BSFF, amongst other powerful components. The EFT in FasterEFT is hugely inspired by EFT and stands for Emotionally Focused Transformations.

Robert has helped thousands with his positive energy and enthusiasm. He has the biggest free online tapping library on YouTube with over a quarter of a million monthly views and even translated in as many as 14 languages. I love his work with addictions at Habilitat. Addictions are my speciality, and I am always interested in watching his videos to learn new approaches.

Robert has informed me that he studied EFT first in April 1999, following up by three in-person EFT workshops with Gary Craig, and NLP in 2001 in Orlando Florida with Richard Bandler himself. A great deal of Robert's teaching is NLP-inspired. NLP and Tapping make an awesome combination. He also studied Dr. Larry Nims' Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), a kind of tapping without the tapping. And so, FasterEFT was born. And this baby grew. Along the way, there was continuous improvement.

Some of FasterEFT is Tough Love, but it still is love, and nothing is done without permission. For example, in FasterEFT training, there is a technique called crossfire. This is where two practitioners get together with one client and repeat statements the client has said in the tapping phase, helping to change the client's mindset very quickly. Before crossfire, the client is told ”Some things might upset you, is that OK with you?”, and if the answer is no, then it does not happen. It is important to respect the client's wishes, and the client can say no. It is part of the healing process.

One major thing about FasterEFT that people do not understand is that it is not a one process system. What determines the tools used is determined by the client. The client is assessed thoroughly, and the practitioner may then go slow, soft, easy or using the power tools at hand. It is very adjustable. Like a massage, one client may prefer a soft touch just for the touch element, whilst another wants a really hard deep tissue massage to get rid of pesky knots in their body. The first part of the FEFT sessions is a complete intake, getting the structure of the issue being addressed, then it is laid out what we will happen, how it will happen, and permission is asked for all along the way throughout the session. There is easy love and hard love with the approach to problems, with checking and rechecking.

And there are exciting changes in FasterEFT. For example, some people, as with many tapping modalities, did not like the negative tapping, so workshop presenters and practitioners like Fritz Miller taught them to tap positively instead of using the negative. This is helping people to have more choices. Robert Smith himself (like many new originators) used to work on the worst of the worst, going straight to the bullseye of the issue, but he is changing that now, in order to make the process gentler. And there is a proper Ethics Board, a voluntary group of 6 people dedicated to making sure people are looked after, and any complaints are addressed to make sure this baby grew strong and became the great member of the tapping community that it is today.

The baby had grown into a toddler, sailed through its terrible twos tantrums, worked hard at school, made friends, and is growing into a very nice teenager, soon to be an adult radiating amazing unconditional love in every way. Allow it to grow, observe, and enjoy. I am sure Robert is very proud of his creation, as are all the practitioners and staff who put their 100 percent into making it what it is today.

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