Growing up I changed my mind several times what I wanted to be when I grow up. I am sure everyone might have gone through this. As far back as I can remember I always wanted to work outside the home. While some other little girls may dream of being a mother and a wife having children and stay at home that was not me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that I just never aspired to doing that. I even hated playing house. Not because it was not important, in my opinion it is a very important job, probably the most important one in the face of the earth. It was not my dream. If it were financially possible for more parents to be able to stay home I am sure most of the problems with our young adults would be minimized or not exist at all.

At one point I wanted to be a nurse to help people but I changed my mind once I realized that doctors used to tell nurse what to do. Personally, I can follow instructions and direction I just never liked people telling what to do and talk down to me or make me feel as if I were a second class citizen. I had no idea what it would take to go to medical school it was just a young little girl wanting to help people.

I stuck with the nurse dream until I was in Junior High School. I began taking French classes .I liked the idea that I was able to speak 3 languages. English was my second language Spanish being my native language. I remember being about 5 – 6 years old, going to the doctor with my mother and translating his questions for my mother. I figured I can translate for people. I had the ability to speak, read and write in 3 languages. I was able to translate and help people. So I did some research which was really just a visit to the library since at that time we did not have home computers or internet. I narrowed it down to being a translator in the Union Nations or in an America Embassy in a foreign country. The dream of being a Translator at the Union Nations or in an American Embassy in a foreign county ended with the hostage situation in Iran.

Following the money I ended in the technology field. I sort of fell in this field since I had to children I was raising on my own. At this point in my life my youngest is almost out of the house. I revaluated my life and have decided not to follow the money like I had in the past. I have strayed a long way from wanting to help people out to chasing money to provide for my family.

I have decided to walk away from a 25 year career in technology and venture out and re invent myself. I have come a long way from wanting to be a nurse to being an IT Project Manager. I decided to take a close look at my decisions that have led me down the roads of life I took and I ended in a career I had not set out. But all in all it has all being a great adventure. Have you looked at the paths or roads that you have taken and see if you have become what you have set out to be?

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Carmen is a New York native, most recently transplanted in Texas. Carmen is the single mother of 2 children, the youngest will be living home this summer. After a life dedicated to raising her children she now finds herself facing an Empty Nest.

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