Traffic jams and roadblocks are the worst nightmares for commuters plying the streets and highways across Australia. If you are living in the largest metropolis and urban centres in the country, expect to have a long commute back and forth. You wouldn’t want to get stuck on the road while your time is winding down for your important business meeting or dinner date with your loved one. Though there have been tremendous improvements in the road infrastructures of Sydney, Melbourne, and all the big cities, the growing number of motorists on the road has created bottlenecks in the streets that connect these cities with suburbs and other neighbourhoods. Despite the worsening traffic conditions in some areas, many Aussies are looking for second-hand automobiles in motoring search engine Odusee thereby increasing the number of vehicles especially on rush hour.

If you are living in the periphery and fringes of the major cities then you will definitely have a long commute to work every day. Your daily schedule will be disrupted every time you are stuck in the freeway doing nothing along with other helpless motorists. We can’t predict when a road closure is made by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport but we all know when rush hour traffic slows down travel time. State and federal government agencies as well as independent research groups have compiled road reports in recent years to create a comprehensive assessment on the worst commutes in Australia.

If it takes 50 minutes to drive just 13 kilometres from Manly to Sydney CBD then you are in a commuting nightmare. Sydney’s northern beaches may be world-renowned but going there can test your patience especially if you commute to work.

Though a little bit better than your daily commute to Manly, a long drive from Dee Why to Sydney’s heart can be agonising as well. If you need to catch on your work on Thursday morning then it is a bad time if you stick to your usual travel time. You need to be much earlier than 7:30AM in order to avoid the early morning traffic.

Though road conditions in Queensland can be safe for daily motorists travelling from the suburb to the city’s central business district for work, cars are on the standstill if they follow the route from Nudgee. It takes someone to finish the route to the city in 44 minutes tops.

Port Adelaide is not quite far from the city centre but it will take you about 33 minutes to get there during peak hours. With thousands of motorists going the same route as you, expect that your commute home from work may take a little bit longer than expected.

If you are from Thomastown then you may perhaps spend large chunk of your personal time on the road especially when you are in bind with the traffic that connects you to Melbourne CBD. It takes you about 44 minutes to complete the 17-kilometre journey.

Residents would find the traffic unbearable if off road trailers are blocking the way as these vehicles clear an accident site. How much more if traffic jams takes a lifetime to be sorted out. Imagine waiting for the next car to move on an early morning Tuesday drive to the office.

Another area where traffic movement is on a turtle-pace is the route connecting Box Hill and Melbourne’s city centre. Motorists have an average speed of 28 kilometres per hour.

Even if you are road ready to face long drives and extended idleness on the road, nothing compares to your trip following the Mentone route to the big city. Are you ready to hit the road on a slow-than-average speed?

If you visit Melbourne for the first time then your ride to the city will take you longer because of the traffic. Being one the largest cities in Australia, thousands of people hit the road to visit all the wonderful places the city has to offer. Unfortunately, traffic is not the best thing that anyone should remember.

Travel time doesn’t correspond to road distances in Australia. Even shorter routes have longer travel times. If you are in Laverton and your final destination is Melbourne’s business district then you may have to reschedule all your appointments because you may have to hang out in the road for a while.

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