Gone are the days where individuals pursued the generic courses when they went to attain education abroad, individuals are increasingly attaining courses of their liking and look to make a career in the same. Although a relatively new field it is the fastest growing area of employment.

Over 8% of the world’s jobs are through the tourism and hospitality industry. Individuals, who don’t like the mundane activities of life and look to break out of the monotony, seek to study abroad in tourism and hospitality fields. Countries such as USA, Germany, and Spain are renowned to offer such courses.

The rising popularity of tourism and management courses can be attributed to a flood of reasons; these can be analyzed as follows:

Career prospects
The tourism and hospitality industry is extremely wide in nature and thus the job opportunities available are immense as well. After a study abroad program in the said field, one can find themsleves working as a tour manager, tourism officer or a travel agent manager. Furthermore, one can work as a travel attendant or food and beverage service. Apart from the mentioned, one can find employment in resorts, restaurants, events, airline agencies or spa agencies. Accounting, human resource, food production and entertainment are fields within the said course. If working alongside people is your forte, this industry is definitely your calling. Immense job opportunities across the world after an education abroad will make it your oyster.

Characteristics of the field
The course exposes the student to constant change, which equips them with the requisite skill set. The management abilities one learns through the study abroad program can be utilized in other avenues. Although a challenging and competitive field, it offers varied job opportunities to its pursuers. The qualifications required for the same are minimum and it provides flexibility and mobility through the career avenues. The industry is extremely secure in nature and thus presents immense opportunities for growth. It taps individuals who have a creative intellect and impeccable communication skills. The global exposure one gets keeps the mind rejuvenated. Certain courses in the said field offer flexible schedules allowing you to explore new experiences continuously.

A common characteristic of this field is that individuals posses high emotional intelligence due to the constant interaction with other people while attaining overseas education. This transforms them into well rounded individuals who possess qualities of business management, project management and culture awareness. Tourism is a growing field, with an increasing footfall over many tourist destinations. As a stakeholder in the field of tourism, one can actively participate in helping protect the deteriorating environment. Many individuals study this field through a study abroad program because it enables them to interact with people from varying backgrounds. This interaction enables, them to seep in cultures making them socially aware. The skills gained will make you an asset for your business and a forerunner in your career.
The adrenaline rush one gains by exploring the world in this field is not available elsewhere.

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