Circumstances changes people -- for the Better.
Growths are developing basic qualities like intelligence personality and expand skill, effort, strategies and persistence — it makes them more challenging. They teaches how to love hard things, persist, and master them at any given point. They don't need to be puffed. It's a life in which you fulfill your potential, you will automatically experience moment of blessed silence in your head and it's not just being happy all the time, a life of growth that is if you want to create real positive change in your life
There is perhaps no area of your life where self-discipline is more important than in the way you manage your time. Time management is a core discipline that largely determines the quality of your life.
By exerting your self-discipline with regard to time, you can choose what to do first, what to do second, and what to do not at all. And you are always free to choose.
You require tremendous self-discipline to overcome the procrastination that holds most people back from success
You always need to pay attention to and spend time on what you most value, whether it is your family, your health, your social or sports activities or your money and career. It is only by looking at how you spend your time that you, and everyone else, knows what is really important to you.
Just keep in mind that few things matters and looks for absolute development and adjustment in the conscious because being and having start a step away from them, and we are now referencing to 3 points that can help development and our steps to achievement

 What is your dream?
A dream is primarily a state of consciousness, where we explore what would please us or make us happy. Dreams tends to leads to sacrifice whether physical or spiritual, whatever that be as the saying puts it, we must first be that change that we want to see
 What is it that you want to create?
Well, shall we cite it this way “the man who knows how is better than the man who know what, but the man who know why will always be his boss!
In other words, after visualizing what you want to do, you must imperatively have a clearer picture that will assist you on the following steps to take
 What do you want to contribute?
Contributing isn’t what makes achievement but it help promote an idea and is putting passion in a state of awareness, where you idolizes what you are going to make happen in perhaps in your life, in your city or in the lives of others. Compassion is the foundation of who you are.
You may also consider a Business Plan to follow through a step at a time

You were born with a destiny, unique alongside an important mission, so do not delay to live your life purpose. Take off your eyes on the height of the waves rather focus on the horizon. Multiple times a day we have just such opportunity for complete satisfaction…If we first sip a moment of inner refreshment of upper delight, open our senses to the experience, take a mental click and give thanks for the nectar. Ah, this living, the greatest of all
The more we seek ourselves, and truly embrace ourselves as the perfect, whole and creative beings we are – perhaps you were “beating yourself up” for a mistake or thinking “I am not good enough” for something rather than seeing your true worth, insight is that we can learn
When you move from mere knowledge to actual understanding, there will be no turning back; you will be on the road to creating the kind of life you desire. Once knowledge rises up from knowledge to understanding, everything naturally falls into place.
It is as if we clean and we start over again from that point of power and all the while we balanced keep growing and develop all the knowledge we acquired over the years, understanding comes wisdom. Wisdom is how to apply your gained knowledge to magnificently create your life and your world. Knowledge – Understanding – Wisdom is natural progression; an evolution from which you can never regress. Now this realm of infinite creative possibility opens up before you like a sunflower under the warm rays of the sun
The game of human life is all about falls within the realm of possibility for you. This is your journey, only you can walk your walk this is your key to ultimate happiness. Only you can create your world and fill it with opportunities and possibilities that make your heart burst into song with joy. Sing your Heart out and enjoy the experience

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I am visualizing this initiative aiming at retouching my approach to modern society with zeal, wit and wisdom.

I evaluate and research meaning and understanding the core values into a world of quest where I myself thinking aloud and reflecting, portraying and illustrating an acceptable and just life in a way that is proven that all is possible when sought for.

A once champion of words and expressions, with wisdom humor and clarity I opens up to what lifts me up and what pulls me down as evidence in this peculiar Book of modern ‘’Wits and Wisdom’’ anthology

I am a graduated Doctor in research degree in Human Services with specialization in Social Policy planning and strategy, health nutrition.

"I am promoting creative thinking is a powerful way to engage in learning and be. The one who is encouraged to think creatively shows increased levels of motivation and self-esteem. Creativity prepares them with the flexible skills they need to face an uncertain future. Employers want people who are adaptable, innovative, can solve problems and communicate well and express themselves with others. Develop the ability to be creative can enrich their lives and help them contribute to a better"

I am a published author a philanthropist and short story writer. Programming is a major part of my life, and so I spend most of the day Reading and searching.. At my free time, I like solely walks, and listening to Music. I am basically a simple, adjusting and fun loving person, whom others consider as sincere and friendly too. But they also consider me as modest; I would describe myself as a very ambitious, hardworking and sincere girl. I am enthusiastic about taking up new challenges in life. Friendly and joyful is what my friends would describe me as

The Alliance and Trust Foundation: ‘’ Creative minds for a creative future’’