“Do you know why most people sleep so much?”
“Because they really don’t have anything else to do. Those who rise with the sun all have one thing in common.”
“Very funny. No, they all have a purpose that fans the flames of their inner potential.”

~ Robin Sharma from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Love that. Coupla things here:

First: Getting up with the sun ROCKS. I used to the kind of guy who’d like to GO TO BED with the sun rising and think people who got up at the (butt)crack of dawn were INSANE. Not any more.

I didn’t make rising with the sun an ABSOLUTE commitment till I went on sabbatical in the jungles (and rice paddies) of Bali. Then I committed to aligning myself with perhaps THE most powerful force/rhythm on our planet (that would be that little rhythm of our planet spinning with the sun rising and setting at a pretty regular schedule :).

I’ll save the space here and simply tell you that my decision to beat the sun up every morning (and then meditate for an hour) has been, hands down, the best decision I’ve ever made.

Which leads us to the second point: Are you living on purpose? When do you get up? Do you notice a correlation in your life such that those times when you’re *most* on purpose you almost spring out of bed in the morning with incredible energy that sustains itself throughout the day as you rock it? (I’ve *definitely* seen that.)

Know this: if you’re on purpose, you tend to naturally get up early. If you aren’t that on purpose but you get up early, you tend to GET ON purpose. There’s something about the stillness of the morning hours that cleanses your soul and puts you in direct contact with your highest self.

So, my STRONG recommendation: RISE WITH THE SUN and start your days with a burst of inspiration that’s impossible to describe until you’ve felt it! (If you’re a former night owl like me, you’re prolly gonna need to give yourself a couple/several weeks of adjusting before you really feel the mojo but PLEASE trust me. It’s amazing...:)

*steps off soapbox*

*clears throat ... steps back up* :)

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