Despite the crisis, mostly choose the college career of study according to their tastes and market demand. Medicine and Teaching are among the favorites for the students, while that Administration and Management and Industrial Engineering blunt with better career. What employability perspective are these studies? What are the criteria for choosing the race?

Medicine and Teaching each year are two races preferred by college students. Tastes meet demand prevail in deciding the future career. The University Pre General Report of the Department of Education, Training and Employment of Valencia has revealed that along with those races, the most popular are Nursing, Business Administration and Management, Law, Psychology, Computer Science, Physiotherapy and Architecture. Tastes are different and, again, in some cases coincide with the market demands. These preferences coincide with the twenty-first edition of a guide that lists the 50 most popular degrees for students. It also includes other races as ADE, Economics, History of Art, Speech, Social Education, Nursing, Advertising and Public Relations, Biology, Chemistry, Nutrition and Dietetics, Dentistry or Political Science. In the last issue also highlights the best universities to pursue these degrees, and intended as a guide to help students when making your decision.

The report considers the Randstad Professionals degree in Business Administration and Management is one of the best professional qualifications with since it focuses on the economic front, in a time that is needed to boost the economy. In terms of race engineering, ensures that records one of the highest numbers of contracts. But not the only that. Races are also valued in Computer Engineering, Pharmacy, Chemistry and Business Studies. The results support that the degrees of the technical branch accumulate a greater volume of contracts.

Especially in this time of crisis, with high unemployment, is seeking market niches in which to develop a career with guarantees. However, this does not mean that match the needs tastes. Usually most of the graduates have an easier time finding quality work, while other qualities are valued as language skills or experience. These are issues that often tip the balance toward one candidate or another. The vocational guidance test helps the college to choose the career that study. In particular, those with doubts know their strengths and weaknesses, essential information to define the vocation and the possibilities of developing it. These tests make a review of several topics, so that students refine their preferences and interests.

Whether you are from any country or continent, you should not escape from these crises until and unless you plan severely. Before enrolling with higher education; one should go through preplanning and pre scheduling what he or she exactly want to do in future and what are the paths available for the same. There are various universities in India, US, Canada, UK, AUS, NZ and in whole Europe that are offering with career consulting seminars and classes before providing admission to varied students. Thus, be sure to have best planning from your end before enrolling with any of the higher education.

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