Hey, are you aware of your ring size? Numerous ways are available to know your ring size. The first one is to measure it with a ring size chart. The second is to measure your ring and the last is to measure your finger.
Here is a brief description of these 3 popular methods.

1. Using a ring for determining your ring size
Take your ring and measure its diameter from inside. The answer is your ring size. For example, the diameter of size 18 is 18 mm.
Note- For a perfect ring size, it’s essential to use a well-fitted ring for measuring the diameter.

2. Measure your finger for determining the ring size
For measuring the circumference of the finger, a flexible measuring tape is to be used. You can also use a paper or string of about 0.5mm in absence of flexible measuring tape. Then measure their length with a ruler for measuring the circumference of your finger.

3. Use a ring size chart for measuring your ring size
The ring size chart and ring size converter charts are the two easy and fast instruments for measuring your ring size.

Tips for measuring your ring size
Some tips are to be followed for this purpose.
• Never measure your fingers when they are cold because, at that time, they are smaller.
• It is also suggested never to measure your fingers when they are hot.
• It is good to select a larger size if your knuckles are too large.
• Measure them at night time.
• Remember, the ring size of both hands are not similar.

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Final thoughts
Tell me, is there any sense in visiting a jewelry shop if you don’t know the ring size? No, it is just like jumping in the dark. So, it is advisable to invest your money after measuring the size by ring size chart. As discussed earlier, this is the fastest and easiest way of measuring your ring size.

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The ring size chart and ring size converter charts are the two easy and fast instruments for measuring your ring size.