Steps to buy Ril Tokens during ICO
1. Acquire either Bitcoin or Ethereum
This can be conveniently done at any of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms that suits you. Connect your bank account through debit/credit card, purchase either BTC or ETH, and wait for a few days to let your bank process it. It is recommended to be done before some days from the start date of the token-sale (November 1, 2017), so that you may participate on the very day when it will start.
2. Transfer your Bitcoin/Ether to a wallet that you operate
This is an essential step as you can’t participate in Rilcoin ICO through any of the other exchange platforms because some of the platforms use centralised services and that’s why don’t provide private keys to access BTC/ETH address. In the process of ICO, you have to send the company ETH/BTC, and immediately you would get Ril tokens to your address.
All you have to do is to move your Bitcoin/Ether to a user-controlled wallet, so that you may get an Ether/Bitcoin address with the private key to control, then only you’ll be able to get tokens in return.
3. Be a part of the ICO by sending your crypto to their address
The Rilcoin token-sale will share a specific address where money is about to be collected during a specified period. Just be extremely careful about the address to which you would be sending BTC/ETH; crosscheck that it is precisely the address of the token-sale.
4. Store your Ril tokens after successfully acquiring them
If you have already invested a considerable amount of money, it is recommended to use a cold or offline wallet (or a hardware wallet) to secure your BTC/ETH or any kind of crypto tokens. After choosing a suitable wallet, connect it into a USB port, move your coins to the address that has been provided by your hardware/cold wallet, and then, disconnect it from your computer/system. Now that you have successfully stored your coins/tokens offline, it would be safe and free of any viruses’ or Trojans’ attack.
If you lost your hardware wallet by mistake, you could re-generate it via a technique known as a paper backup.
If you want to opt for an online wallet, then you can choose for Rilcoin’s platform itself to store the associated tokens.

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