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Neighbor has multiple rights in Islam. Our holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.P.U.H) has stressed upon the rights of neighbors and said “he is not a believer whole neighbor is not safe from his mischief / malice”. A good relationship is one of the important right of them.

Our Good Neighbours
I along with my family shifted to our new residence in a newly constructed colony. Most of the inhabitants of this colony are government employees of various departments. They belong to various departments and ministries. My next door neighbours are really nice. One of them is a school teacher. He is a very intelligent and good mannered boy. He often tells me very interesting stories of his students. The school teacher is also very gentle and religious person. His habits and temperaments are very fine. He considers himself to powers by always helps others. His wife is also a kind hearted and religious woman. She also extends deep cooperation and help to all.
My second neighbor is a school Principal. He is an old man 55 years of age and is thoroughly gentle. His behavior is very nice and respects all the neighbours. He is highly respected by the inhabitants of the locality. The principal helps the deserving students by admitting them in his school. He gives fee concessions to the needy and poor students. He has a medium-sized family of two sons and two daughters. They are of a very helping nature. One of his son is my class-fellow. He is very intelligent. We go to school together. He is a good sportsman. We play football together. He is the captain of our school football team. The Principal loves me very much. Sometimes, he gives us very interesting lectures. I am proud to be in the company of such a well-educated family.

Lethargic Neighbours
Community is a combination of multi natures. Similarly, the family that lives at the back of our house is a middle class family. The members of this family are really very disgusting. They do not possess the decorum of civilized people. The head of the family is an Assistant lineman in WAPDA department. His mood and behavior is rude. He has quarreled with many people over nothing issues. His children are also very naughty. They quarrel with other younger children and beat them. Their mother is also a terrible lady. She always scolds her children and creates problems in her house. Most of the people are not on speaking terms with this family.

We enjoy good relations and friendship with majority of my neighbours. They are social and of helping nature. I pass my time easily in their company. Neighbours are sometimes, more helpful than relatives. We should always create a climate of friendship among our neighbours. I should conclude by stating that I am lucky to have good neighbours.

Islam stressed on rights of neighbours. Therefore, we have to maintain good relations with neighbours apart from caste or religion. We must also maintain good relations with those neighbours who are harsh.

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My name is Muhammad Ishaq. I have done my M.A (Master of Arts in Persian) from University of Peshawar. I am writing essays for schools, college and university students.