Style-wise, trying to particularise our looks is natural, in a world where all clothing items are manufactured on large scale and look the same. Using simple elements might improve your appearance and create a unique style, even adapt old clothing pieces in a modern fashion. Elements such as ribbons are perfect for creating a distinct appearance, especially if what you are aiming for is creating a feminine and romantic look. You can purchase larger amounts of ribbons from specialised retailers, and let us tell you, they have amazing everyday ribbons in their stocks. The great thing about doing so is that you can actually get quite some great deals. Such elements can be used even for personalising your appearance at your wedding day, even the décor elements you have. However, for more details of how could one use such simple elements, continue reading below.

1. Integrate them in your hairstyles

A beautiful and easy way to use ribbons is by integrating them in your hairstyles. Braided hair, a simple ponytail, they all have a greater visual impact when integrating such elements. Besides rhinestones and flowers, these little elements create an amazing effect. You could use them for:
•African Braid – for this simple hairstyle you will need two pieces of ribbons, longer than the length of your hair, in two different tones, some anti-frizz serum, flat hairpins in a colour to match your hair, and an elastic hairband. Brush your hair thoroughly, apply a small amount of anti-frizz serum and tie the two pieces of ribbon together. Then tie your hair with the ribbons, exactly at the place they are tied together. Part your hair into two sections. Those, combined with the ribbons in your hair will create three sections, which you will be braiding as normally. If the ribbons are forming a much thinner strand, then add some more hair.
Half-up/half-down with ribbons – this is truly a simple hairstyle, and you will only need a piece of ribbon in a colour contrasting with the colour of your hair, a wide barrel curling iron, a hair elastic band, and some hairspray. Start by curling your hair into soft, large curls. Then part the hair at the top of your head and secure it with the elastic band. Then, on the top of your elastic band, tie the ribbon into a beautiful bow. Finish the look with a little hairspray and that’s it!
•Half-up/half-down with braid – yet another simple idea you could use is by turning the half up of the previous hairstyle in a fishtail braid. The hair band and the ribbon will go at the end of your braid this time. It’s a nice twist you could add to a simple hairstyle.
All these hairstyles offer a great visual impact to any outfit you pick. Integrating ribbons in regular hairstyle is such a simple way to offer them a bit of your own personality.

2. Integrate them into your wardrobe

Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune if you want to personalise your outfits. There is the alternative of integrating ribbons in them, and the results are amazing!
•Beautify your handbag – regular handbags with metallic handles can easily become a romantic version of themselves if you wrap around them a piece of ribbon. Choose one in a complementary colour to your handbag and enjoy the compliments you will receive!
•Create a bow-hemic dress – the pun is intended. However, you can make a bohemian dress look even more special if you tie a bow in its waistline. Put the dress on, and simply choose a ribbon in a colour appealing to you. Then tie it in the back of your dress and that’s it!
•Prep up a pair of boots – By using a simple bow, you could create a unique look to a pair of boots. Simply wrap it around your ankles and tie a bow out of it at the back. A more feminine and romantic pair of boots is waiting for you!
•Add shapely curves to a baggy sweater – use a thin piece of ribbon to lace up the sweater at the back or front, where you prefer it best. Use a piece of ribbon in a contrasting colour for a greater impact.
•Make your favourite pair of sandals even more special – Use a piece of ribbon and transform them into an amazing and fun pair of T-strap sandals.
These are some of the simplest ways in which you can use ribbons to personalise your appearance. It’s an easy, fun and inexpensive method of doing so!

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Cynthia Madison is a young blogger and economics and marketing graduate. She writes about home, lifestyle and family topics and is a senior contributor to popular niche publications.