I've been listening to the Abraham-Hicks's 'Money and the Law of Attraction' CDs. One of the significant threads of advice is 'start telling a new story'.

We create our lives from the stories we tell about past, future, and present events. The stories evoke emotion – a vibrational beacon – that draws the essence of whatever we are focusing to us.

So in real terms, it goes something like this:

When someone asks me, 'how is the IVF stuff going?' and I answer, 'It sucks. There has been delay after delay, stuff up after stuff up, nothing has happened all year, we've wasted a whole year in this process, and I'm turning 40 next year – my time is nearly up.' Well, you can see where this is heading!

The story I am telling about IVF is bringing more of the same to me – more delays, more frustration, more disappointment.

So how do I crack this vicious cycle?

First, it's about addressing the underlying stories. It's about challenging your intentions. What do I really want? Do I really want to be a mum? What's holding me back and throwing up these negative stories? A quick assessment reveals that I am really nervous about motherhood. Am I ready? What will I need to give up? Do I really want the sleepless nights, the worry, the messy diapers?

These are all fantasies about the worst case scenarios of course – stories I tell about what might happen.

So far I'm telling stories of frustration about what is happening, and stories of doom about what might happen. And none of it feels good – which is a clear sign I am out of alignment with what I really want.

Everything you really want always feels delicious and fabulous.

The only way to get what you really want is to get in alignment with it, vibrationally speaking. And the best way to do that is start telling new stories.

Let's try again...

'How is the IVF stuff going?'

'Thing are progressing. It's amazing what science can do – science and medicine has saved my life on more than one occasion. I am extremely fortunate to have this chance at having babies after my cancer experience. In the meantime I am really enjoying my job and having a great time with my husband. I am feeling hopeful and positive about our chances with so much support around us. The human body is really an amazing thing – my body has been a remarkable companion to me these 39 years. I am letting the universe arrange things for us. It's all good.'

Boy that feels good! It's a letting go of expectations and timings and even worry – letting the universe handle all that. I really feel things are in train and that every thing is for my highest good.

Now your turn!

What stories are you hanging on to? Is your mate a 'stubborn so-and-so'? Is your job a 'dead end'? Was your childhood a 'disaster'?

Sometimes we tell stories like these because it evokes a sense of righteousness or purpose. This is linked to the dynamics of the Drama Triangle. When we tell the story of us as victim (like how I keep repeating that the medical system is full of bumbling idiots and I am suffering for it), then we let go of our sense of responsibility in creating the outcomes.

That sense of powerlessness is an abdication of responsibility that does not serve us, and only brings more unwanted to us.

Telling a new story where we look for positive aspects of a situation of a person or event takes us out of the drama triangle and back on track to creating what we really desire.

Here's a big tip for you: If the story you are telling feels bad – stop. Start telling a new story that breathes possibilities and appreciation. You'll feel relief automatically.

It's in this way you can re-write your own past. Not ignore or pretend events did or did not happen, but you can change your interpretation of them so they feel good, and thus you are empowered.

The say history is written is written by the victors – it's time you were the champion in your own life!

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