Communication is the basic necessity for any business firm since the business grows with communication. Strengthening business communication is very essential since it helps the clients to get active response from the company and also helps colleagues to work together in an integrated environment where they always stay connected. To achieve this objective, the business firms have to maintain a seamless flow of communication with least operational complexity and at an affordable price. Business phones offer many exciting features which help business firms achieve their business goals.

The main features that business phones possess and which help achieve customer satisfaction are:

• Business phones offer the benefits of advanced calling in one integrated system. If compared to integrating these features independently, you need to invest a lot. So, business phones provide these features at low rates.

• Call forwarding feature of the business phone helps you attend your call from anywhere. It means that if you are not on your desk, you don’t have to worry about missing out any business call. If a call is meant for you, then it can be transferred to your home phone or cell phone or wherever you are and you can address the call from there.

• Business phones offer call conferencing features which allow multiple users to take part in a conference call. This feature is advantageous because it does not put a constraint on the physical presence of any individual and a conference meeting can be held from wherever you are.

• Music-on-hold feature of the business phones helps clients to hold on for a little longer than they would otherwise wait. Moreover, it gives a feeling to the client that his request is being processed.

• Call hunt feature is also provided in the business phone which allows you to set the numbers according to priority so that the phones ring in that order. Also, you are provided with the advantage of setting the number of rings on each phone before the call is transferred to the next. In case the call is not answered on any extension, then it is sent to voicemail.

• Caller ID feature of business phones enables users to know from where the call is made and whether a call has priority over others. Moreover, calls with anonymous caller IDs can be rejected and the caller can be informed that calls from hidden caller IDs are blocked.

• Auto attendant feature enables the clients to get a user friendly response since the unanswered call is greeted with an auto receptionist and the customized menu creates a good impression.

All these functionalities of the business phone, if integrated with VoIP services can help organizations to achieve considerable monetary gains. VoIP service providers provide the service of national as well as international calling at impressively low rates. Moreover, collaborating this with Hosted PBX VoIP services, small and medium enterprises can maximize customer satisfaction while minimizing the costs involved in the setup and maintenance of the massive infrastructure. So, business phones are essential component of communication and their functionality can be enhanced in all possible ways.

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