Many of you might be reading this because you’re in dire need to have financial freedom. The most common recourse is always the decision to leave your job and start your own business. However, it isn’t always the case that you have a full idea of how to start a business.

When you open one without a steady background, you’ll only fail. If you have no idea on how to start your own business, you’re in luck as there are numerous online eCommerce courses that you can take.

Through the Internet, you can have an eCommerce business. In essence, this is just like owning any other business. But, instead of having a physical store, you have a store on the World Wide Web.

Ecommerce businesses are always in competition with each other because of the profitable market that it presents. If you don’t begin with a good background on eCommerce, you’re only going to drown in the competition. Thus, the same way as opening your own physical store, you need to study and research to start earning your desired profit.

If you desire to learn more about eCommerce, there are numerous courses that you can take online. No one else but the best in the industry created these courses. And, one of the trust worthiest names is Franklin Hatchett and his course, Ecom Elites.

That said, here's a review on Hatchett’s Ecom Elites course:

1. Ecom Elites Is Very Popular Over The Internet

Ecom Elites is one of the most popular courses all over the Internet. With its strong feedback all over the web, this should be enough to convince you that the course is as real as it can get.

While many might be skeptical as to whether or not it’s a scam, you can trust the testimonies of previous users that it’s one of the most effective courses that you can take. It wouldn't be that popular and well talked about for no reason.

If you want to give yourself more assurance that it’s one of the best courses on eCommerce that you can take, spend some time to browse the Internet, and you’ll find that others widely use it, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran on eCommerce.

Read through this journal review to be more convinced that Ecom Elites really is one of the best courses that you can have.

2. Ecom Elites’ Videos Are Very Comprehensive

Because of the numerous changes that technology has brought, learning has evolved as well. This makes it easier for all forms of students to grasp what it is they’re trying to learn. Remember, there might be some of you who are uncomfortable with learning through reading, and maybe better off with watching videos.

If watching videos is your forte, you’re in better hands. The course videos of Franklin Hatchett are very comprehensive. In fact, there are over 170 videos, on their Facebook platform alone, for you to choose from.

While you may have to pay an extra 500 dollars to access videos in other courses, the Facebook videos on the Ecom Elites course is already a part of the package that you’re paying for. This makes it even better for you, as you’re sure that you’re maximizing all your learning as possible.

Another advantage of learning through videos? You can accomplish it at any time and anywhere. For instance, when you’re stuck in traffic, you’re at work taking a break, or you’re on the train. There's so much for you to learn as you maximize your time.

3. Ecom Elites Covers Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the essential facets of eCommerce that you’ll have to learn and master. It refers to how your business page is going to land the top search results when a user keys in a search on a search engine.

With the numerous websites on the Internet, you have to find a way to make your website stand out and compete against all these other pages. Else, you cannot drive traffic into your site, making yourself less effective in your business process.

Despite this importance, however, many who have taken other courses have also noted that SEO is not touched upon by many. Perhaps there’s that false notion that you already know a lot about eCommerce, that there's no need to go back to the basics.

Ecom Elites has been labeled as one of the best options for newcomers. Since it goes back to square one, you have a better guarantee that by the time you finish your program, you’re already successful and well versed with everything you need to know, specifically in proper SEO implementation, to make your eCommerce business a success.

4. Ecom Elites Has Quite An Extensive Coverage Of Topics

Apart from the videos that you get to watch and the course on Search Engine Optimization, other topics that can help you enhance all you need to know about starting an eCommerce business are covered as well.

Some of the modules that’ll be included touches on the following:

● Organic Google traffic
● Sourcing products for your eCommerce business
● Using Google Ads to advertise your business
● Setting up your Shopify or dropshipping store
● Digital marketing through different avenues, such as your email and social media accounts

Each module ends with a bonus question and answer portion. This can be beneficial for beginners like you. With this kind of platform, all your questions about your course are answered, and any doubts that you may have will all be tackled.

5. Ecom Elites Offer Very Strong Support To Its Student

Where else are you going to find a course that offers a very strong support system for its students? Ecom Elites allows you to enjoy that. Apart from the Facebook chat groups, Franklin Hatchett also regularly makes himself available to answer all your questions and concerns regarding every topic that he has covered.

Some matters are best heard from the expert himself. This is what Ecom Elites can do for you. As a student, it can be to your advantage to have somewhere and someone to run to when you need any piece of advice. Else, you’ll finish the course with queries left unanswered, which might also hamper your efforts in building your eCommerce business to the best of your ability.

6. Ecom Elites Also Employs An Easy Payment Method

When it comes to the mode of payment, many course students have also noted that Ecom Elites offers one of the easiest payment method schemes. One of the most common means of payment is through Stripe, which connects to your PayPal account. The only negative thing about this is that Stripe doesn't enable you to receive refunds or to cancel out.

With Ecom Elites, you have the option of paying through another portal, Teachable. Many have noted that this payment is best for those of you who are still on the fence about what eCommerce course to take. Of course, there’s no perfect course in the world, and whatever you decide to consider is a matter of personal preference.

As you begin your study with Ecom Elites, if there’s any reason for you to discontinue your study (which most likely you wouldn't), you can easily cancel it and ask for a refund. This fact makes it easier on your pocket, and your mind, too. Having this kind of option shows that Ecom Elites is there not just for the money that it can make and earn, but also for the general benefit of its students and course takers.

7. Ecom Elites Is Backed Up By The Best Experience

One of the factors that make Ecom Elites effective is that it’s backed up by a heavyweight of experience. The founder, Franklin Hatchett, really knows what he is talking about.

There’s a saying that goes, you cannot preach what you do not practice. And this is very real. Although you can teach about virtually any topic possible, the best course teachers are those who have experienced themselves.

From his humble beginnings, he has made his way to earning his first million by building an eCommerce business. And, he wants to share his best industry secrets with you.


Building your own eCommerce business is one of the best ways for you to earn an added income. But, do know that this success doesn't come easy, nor does it also come overnight.

Before you can start earning a substantial income, you’ll first have to go through the difficult task of studying and immersing yourself in the eCommerce industry. Remember, there are thousands of other businesses that came before you.

With this review, now you can be even more convinced that taking the Ecom Elites course by Franklin Hatchett is the best decision that you can make to ensure that your business plans are going to succeed.

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Alex is a professional writer and digital marketing expert.