Though everyone's day is different from everyone on the block, in regards to my parents or my colleagues, I feel that we all start every day the same way - brushing our teeth.

The first thing you do each morning is to use your Quip toothbrush, and the rest of the day unfolds magically.

For a rather essential, everyday habit that some people overlook, brushing teeth is not adequately practiced the right way. Some people will brush too hard, tear up their gums, brush for a few minutes, then forget to brush twice a day, etc. It would be best if you stopped switching brushes until the bristles look worn out.

Moreover, there are even more brushing mistakes people make when brushing their teeth. However, we are not here on a long lecture on your mistakes on oral health as well. If you want to learn what Quip is, you should read a review that will explain how it can improve the manner you brush your teeth.

The Quip toothbrush is an oral care startup that has sold over 4 million pieces, and it is a standardized oral electric toothbrush as well. If you want to buy it, you can CHECK ON AMAZON. You can buy it from Target and Agora as well. If you are interested, there is also traditional dental insurance offered as well. In 2019, it was widely introduced to kids like the kid range toothbrush to encourage young kids to get healthy oral care habits and good floss that comes with a refillable canister.

The brand keeps growing, but it is established on a straightforward principle - it becomes a one-stop solution for everyone's oral health.

The whole idea for getting an excellent electric toothbrush comes after you pay a visit to your local dentist.

One of the experts learned from the dentist that there are the latest brands that highlight certain gimmicks rather than encouraging people to practice how to use toothbrushes properly. Thus, the expert was asked by another oral health expert to find a cheap brush that has vibration with a timer that lasts for two minutes. However, this candidate couldn't find one that was good and comfortable at the same time.

After that, he teamed up with their teammates to create and redesign a toothbrush that meets all the following conditions:

• A 2 min timer that will buzz every 30 seconds to advise you to switch different areas.

• The toothbrush has gentle, non-irritable brushes.

• It is priced at about $25.

They also recreated healthy habit-building options into the Quip toothbrush.

• There will be an opt-in for a toothbrush refill that will send the customer new batteries, brush heads, and toothpaste.

• A brush holder that can automatically attach to your wall or mirror.

As a user of Quip for several years, here is a personal review of the Quip toothbrush.

A Quip toothbrush is excellent for your health and fitness. I currently own the metal brush range of the Quip toothbrush. There are also many plastic options, which are also relatively affordable, and there are unique edition colors, which cost more, but the metal ones are the best. These toothbrushes are shiny and pretty, and they make my teeth look the best.

There is only one mode on the Quip brush, where you can activate it by pressing the button near the handle's top. The brush head does not oscillate. However, it will vibrate in its place as you move it over every part of your mouth. It beeps every 30 seconds, which will tell you it is time to switch areas. After two minutes of cleaning, it turns off by itself. The timer is good enough to tell you which part of the teeth has to be cleansed.

The brush also feels relatively light to hold in my hand, and it is slimmer and smaller than most of the electric toothbrush models that I currently have. The size and weight also make the toothbrush easy to bring around during travel time.

The battery life is pretty decent too, and it uses a AAA battery to power up the toothbrush. I used one AAA battery in my toothbrush for quite some time, so I think the battery can last a long time without changing it.

Final Verdict
The toothbrush lasts for a long time and is relatively consistent, which will work as per the advertisement. With a lovely design and portability, it is an all-in-one oral care solution.

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