Male contraceptive – The term may make you feel surprised and astonished; but this may seem to be becoming true as research studies are being carried out on the development of an effective and optimal birth control option and have also was being proved successful in attaining their target.
You may have heard of female contraceptive pills till date, but it’s time to make the males consume the oral contraceptive medications. Yes, this fact is going to become a fact in a short span of time as researchers have already found a compound that posses the ability to reversibly act in men with respect to their fertility process.
The female birth control pills are generally hormonal contraceptives that act against the female reproductive hormones namely estrogen and progesterone to prevent their pregnancy complications. But, the current male contraceptive is believed to contain a compound, which is non-hormonal in nature and acts as an efficient target-oriented medication in attaining the desired goal.
Clinical insights into the research investigation
The compound, which is known as JQ1 is tagged as reversible infertility pill because this small potent molecule has been found to inhibit the sperm production in mice when taken and on the other hand, when it is stopped from taking the mice is found to restore its sperm activity and development without exerting any adverse health effects on the individual as well as on the offspring. There is absolutely no need to worry about the health of the offspring produced after its use, testosterone production as well as the mating performance.
This compound is regarded to be an ideal and efficient contraceptive as it exhibits quick and reversible action in mitigating the sperm count as well as its motility by penetrating the blood barrier of the testes along with interrupting the spermatogenesis process. It targets a specific protein related to testes called BRDT, which is essential for carrying out the fertility process and thus enables the testes to produce low amounts of sperm that are immobile in nature.
Its effect on the germ cells are very specific and target-oriented as it is found to make the male germ cells forget about the production process of sperm, which is known as amnesia. This compound is very accurate and fast in exerting its action, is completely reversible with respect to its function and do not produce any significant side effects, making it the best oral contraceptive that has high tolerance rate, potency, safety and reliability.

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