The ability to be self-confident is tremendously vital in every feature of our existence; however so many of us find it hard to obtain it. Basically, persons who have non-existent self-confidence will find it problematic to become the successful individual they want to be. The point is how many people would back a scheme or listen to a seminar that's being introduced by an individual who was uneasy, nervous and too apologetic for messing up the idea or speech. Though, you influenced and convinced by somebody who expresses themselves plainly, who holds their head high, who replies to queries with assurance, and who willingly confesses they do not the answer to the question.

Remember, self-confident individuals motivate confidence in other individuals. Just think of the self-help Guru Anthony Robbins is electric in his seminars. He oozes charisma and power. People pay him millions just to be in his presence. He motivates people to go out and do things with their lives instead of staying home and procrastinating, like so many of us do.

Of course we cannot all be Tony Robbins over night; I mean it took him years to get where he is now. We must remember we can't run before we can walk. Though, great news is that self-confidence actually can be obtained. So, whether you are dealing with your own self-confidence issue or working with other people's lack of confidence matters, it will really give you a feel that you are doing something worthwhile with your time.

To measure your level of self-confidence you must closely observe yourself - how is your verbal and none-verbal behaviour, how do you react to others, do you look people in the eye or shy away and vice versa, etc. Below is a list of a self-confident outlook and a low self-confident outlook:

Self-confident person's outlook

1. Not caring what other people think of you even if they hassle you for still doing it.
2. Eager to take dangers and go the additional mile to realize your goals.
3. Confessing your errors, and getting information from the errors.
4. Eagerly waiting for people to acknowledge you on your endeavours.
5. Graciously taking commendations. "Cheers, I toiled hard on that catalogue. Glad you are aware of my hard work."

Low Self-confidence person's outlook

1. Overriding your actions founded on what others believe and not what you believe.
2. Remaining in your comfort zone, dreading failure, thus, evading taking dangers.
3. Covering up mistakes, even minor ones, and hoping that you can resolve them before it is noticed.
4. Praising your own qualities all the time and to as many individuals as conceivable.
5. Not acknowledging praises. "It was nothing; anybody might have done the same thing."

From the above examples you can, low self-confidence is self-destructive, and it will establish itself as a negative within your mind. Basically, self-confident persons are usually positive, which means they have faith their capabilities; they believe in themselves and what they can do for the world.

So don't delays go and be that confident person that you know is waiting to get out and be free and happy!

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Belinda Daly is a certified master practitioner in NLP, Hypnosis and TLT. She has a degree in metaphysics. She currently runs a self help and spiritual development membership site with her brother Dion.
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