It’s green . . . it’s nutritious . . . it’s very old . . . and it keeps you feeling young – but do you really know what chlorella is?

Two and a half billion years ago – long before dinosaurs roamed the planet – chlorella and its algae cousins ruled the world. These tiny single-celled “primitive” plants took up residence in every nook and cranny on Earth, and spent their time transforming sunlight and carbon dioxide into sugars.

Chlorella survived numerous dramatic shifts in climate as the Earth went through ice ages and tropical lulls. It has survived shifts in tectonic plates. It’s seen the arrival and disappearance of thousands of animal and plant species. And it’s witnessed the tides of human history over the last dozen or so millennia.

Tough, self-reliant and nutrient-rich, chlorella has survived it all. And after all this upheaval - a full two and a half billion years later - chlorella and its algal cousins still reign supreme.

Yet according to fossil evidence, chlorella has remained largely unchanged.

Its simple – yet effective – structure has stood the test of time.

Chlorella’s Survival Advantage Is The Key To Your Health

Certain unique characteristics have allowed chlorella to survive on this planet longer than most other organisms. Interestingly enough, these traits also have imbued chlorella with the kind of nutrition that makes chlorella a super food among super foods . . .

• Its simple structure allows chlorella to be cultivated and processed easily with minimal destruction to its nutrition;

• Chlorella’s rich supply of chlorophyll makes it a powerful internal cleanser. Used for wound-care and dental products, chlorophyll has a long track record as one of nature’s best purifiers.

• Nucleic acids have been associated with speeding tissue recovery and fighting aging. Chlorella’s rich supply of nucleic acid may be a factor in how it supports cellular regeneration.

• Chlorella's unique growth factor (CGF) seems to not only help chlorella cells reproduce efficiently, it also seems to help our human cells renew.

• Chlorella’s rich supply of nutrients feeds your body what it needs to perform optimally. It’s one of the few plant sources of the kind of vitamin B12 our bodies can use.[2] Close to 60% protein, chlorella gives you more protein ounce per ounce than steak. It also supplies the body with healthy Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in addition to the super healthy oleic acid, found also in olive oil.

• In order to be digestible, chlorella’s cell wall needs to be broken down. Yet the sturdy fibers in chlorella’s cell wall still serve us. These fibers seem to help your body speed toxins - like lead, cadmium, nickel and dioxin - out of the body.

Chlorella's special nutrition gives our bodies health benefits you can't find anywhere else. It has survived millions of years and offers us nutrition that can help us extend our years.

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