Dietary supplements are medical and health products that are meant to augment your daily nutrient intake. They are usually in the form of vitamins and minerals. Other dietary substances sold as supplements include; amino acids, botanical products, fatty acids, oils, probiotics, enzymes, glandular extracts and animal organ. Supplements are commonly in the form of; tablets, powder, capsules, botanical, beverage or energy bars. These retail in grocery stores, pharmaceuticals, online and also food stores hence easily attainable. Your bodily needs will determine the kind of supplement to opt for as they serve different functions, for instance, immunity support, respiratory support, urinary tract health benefits and general wellness.

Benefits of Using Supplements

Normally, your body is able to receive all of the nutrients that it needs from a balanced diet. However, supplements bridge the gap in deficit in case your diet is lacking or when you are sick. There are various benefits associated with taking supplements.

1. Proper Metabolism

After a meal, your body will break down the proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in the food. It also absorbs other nutrients in the meal, a process that relies on certain vitamins that must be consumed each day. In this case, consuming vitamin D supplements will prevent certain deficiencies associated with lack of adequate vitamins in the diet for instance; nerve damage, joint pain, anemia, and skin disorders.

2. Supports Tissue Maintenance and Repair

Dietary supplements have also been associated with the maintenance and repair of tissues which is an ongoing process through your life. Your tissues encounter strain through your day to day activities as specialized cells work even harder to produce proteins to replace the damaged/old tissues. When the tissue repair process is impaired, illnesses such as osteoporosis is likely to occur. In this case, calcium and vitamin D supplements are necessary to promote tissue growth and bone strength.

3. Prevents Disease

Some dietary supplements are known to prevent illnesses such as cancer. Essential vitamins, for instance, vitamin A, C, and E are known to act as antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants are important as they neutralize chemicals that are known as free radicals. These harmful chemicals cause oxidative damage within the cells in the body. According to the national cancer institute, oxidative damage of cells is a culprit for cancer development. Therefore, consuming antioxidant supplements are said to help prevent certain illnesses brought about by free radicals.

Dietary supplements are increasingly becoming popular for a number of reasons. In regards to the kind of lifestyles that we live today, cooking healthy meals at home is becoming a struggle. This is due to the long hours that we spend away from home, either at school or at work. Consuming a dietary supplement goes a long way in substituting the deficit and seeing to it that you meet your daily recommended nutrient target. However, it is highly recommended that you consult your physician before consuming dietary supplements. They will offer guidance on the kind of supplements to take, quantity and duration. Some dietary supplements are also known to interact with some over the counter prescriptions so ensure that your physician knows that you are on dietary supplements.

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