Happy Chicken Eggs (beyond fresh, organic, and healthy) -- are a holistic food. Rich in Omega 3, Protein, and Carotenoids, they provide various nutritional benefits to our body when compared to factory farmed eggs. kindly note, the wrongful use of potential antibiotics in the conventional poultry industry has been already flagged as an alarming issue. Taking this into consideration, many Australians are now switching to a better and more health–conscious dietary solution i.e. cruelty-free, free range eggs. Whether it's an early morning breakfast or a quick evening snack, these cruelty-free eggs should be your ultimate choice for an organic, nutritious, and healthy food option.

Now, keep reading to know more about the potential health benefits of free range, cruelty-free eggs.

Factory Farmed Eggs Vs Cruelty-Free Eggs

Do you know that a vast majority of store-bought eggs are nothing but factory farmed hens? In factory farmed egg production process, around five to twelve hens (or even more) are inhumanly kept in battery cages. You will be quite surprised to know that the actual size of such battery cages is similar to an A4-size piece of paper. Furthermore, these cages are kept in unclean, filthy places where feces and dirt pile up very rapidly. Even more, the farm owners do not really bother to clean up these cages on a regular basis. And, if you unknowingly visit such poultry farms, the unclean, unmaintained, and dangerously foul-smelling environment will never increase your appetite for sure!

Also, please keep in mind that the dangerous bacteria like Salmonella, Campylobacter, and E. coli are often found in many of these factory farmed hens and their eggs (that reach to the grocery, supermarket, and local stores). Factory farmed hens are generally fed inferior quality diet (extremely low in terms of omega-3 and vitamins). Combining all of these factors, you can now probably understand why factory farmed eggs are not good for your health.

The battery cage system of the conventional poultry industry is really notorious for its disregard of quality, hygiene, and the natural behavior of the hens. However, do not be worried anymore! Free range, cruelty-free eggs are a far better option than the conventional factory farmed eggs. As the name implies, free range farming offers a more humane treatment to the birds, with an additional focus/attention is paid to their feed. Here, the birds are offered ample of space in order to express their natural habits, for example, walking around freely, scratching the ground, laying eggs in the nesting areas, and eating feed which is based on a particular blend of cereals, grains, and herbal infusions. In this way, as the hens are brought up in a lush, natural environment (where sincere attention is devoted to their overall well-being), they will automatically produce happy eggs that are bound to be more nutritious.

The Final Verdict:

Undoubtedly, eggs are widely considered to be an excellent source of high-quality protein, vitamin B2, vitamin D, selenium, and plenty of minerals (e.g. copper, zinc, and iron etc). Certainly, organic, cage-free, cruelty-free, and free-range eggs contain a higher amount of vitamins and omega-3. They are really beneficial in improving your overall heart health and cognitive health. Considering these benefits, make sure to include happy chicken eggs into your and your family's diet plan for enjoying optimum health benefits.

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