Audio rooms, chats, and hallways are the right way to describe the success of Clubhouse. While the social media space is packed with multimedia content, Alpha Exploration Co. gave a refreshing change in April 2020. With a special focus on voice-based content, Clubhouse reduced loneliness for millions of users. They shared their thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics round the clock. Entrepreneurs can also maximize traction in the digital world by launching a Clubhouse clone.

Why a Clubhouse Clone Platform is ideal for techpreneurs?

  • Better reach to the target audience - Undoubtedly, Clubhouse has attracted several users irrespective of their age group, economic status, gender, and social background. Netizens can start open, closed, and social rooms as per their requirements. They can add a title and discuss countless topics. Digipreneurs can entice their core market with features like co-hosting, chatting via Backchannel, and spatial audio.
  • Greater traffic - The daily active users (DAU) and the number of rooms are increasing for the American social media app. Clubhouse has made the right moves with its creator program, recording of audios with Clips, and private messaging with Waves. Brands, celebrities, and influencers are making a beeline to the virtual platform. Techpreneurs can create a social audio app like Clubhouse and get more downloads and visibility.
  • Quick popularity - Anything on the Internet can go viral in no time. Clubhouse is a hub of insightful discussions. Users can copy the room links and also share them across instant messaging apps and social media platforms. As a result, more users will start joining a social network like Clubhouse. This leads to fame overnight as audio content consumption reaches an all-time high.

Wrapping Up

Being the first audio-combined social media app in the market, Clubhouse is rising up the ranks in the tech world. Entrepreneurs can also advance ahead of their rivals. They can connect with an app development company now and establish a customized Clubhouse clone platform.

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