Have you had a relationship with a man that has unfortunately always been on the on-and-off track? Wanting him back is a completely normal reaction to a breakup, regardless of whether the feelings come right away, or over time. Here are some proactive tips for turning your ex to be in love with you again and even find you more attractive than before.

The first solution to the age old question, "How do I get back with my ex?" is to know the reasons why the two of you broke up in the first place. And why was you relationship so riddled with drama? On and off doesn't sound very promising, you know?

How To Ignite His Attraction and Keep Him Hooked on You

Do you want him back only because you don't have him in your life anymore now? You know how people always want things that are beyond reach, right?

Do you want him back because of fits of jealousy since he's now flirting with many girls online and on facebook? Or do you really want your ex back for legitimate reasons that you two ultimately are made for each other despite the hardship you're going through every now and then? You need to be able to think both long and hard about this and whether it is worth it to rekindle the romance.

Before we go further, I'd like to break this news to you: a man can be DEEPLY in love with you and still pull away...or worse... leave the relationship all together!

Men pull away for four very distinct reasons and I lay out five steps to remedy this situation

Once you understand WHY he pulls away, it's much EASIER to see how you should react when he does pull away. And not only that, the powerful part is now you know he's not pulling away because he's less interested, so you will not panic and you'll avoid overcompensating, which means you avoid him pulling away FURTHER.

The next logical step is to do whatever it takes to once again become the woman that your ex fell in love with in the first place. Was your ex attracted to you because you were fun loving and easy to be with? Was it because you fulfilled his emotional needs? How have you changed since that point in time? Be self-aware of your destructive habits and learn from past mistakes so you can learn to be the person he fell in love with again.

It's so important to learn these 7 traits of a high-value woman so you become a honey to the bees. You get more results that way with anyone. This principle works like magic to most of my clients!

It is important that you try to use the past to your advantage as well as possible. Learn from past mistakes and past successes. Eliminate the bad, and copy the good. If you know which outfit he loved best, wear it out again. If you know which compliments got him all excited, begin to give them again, with subtlety of course. If you know which bad habits or mistakes turned him off, avoid doing or making them. It takes a lot reflection but it's a part of personal growth.

Try to reconnect casually as a way to do something nice with your ex. Ask your ex to bowl with you and your friends, or share a drink in others' company. Do something with your ex that friends can easily do just as well as lovers, and keep things light and fun.

Remind him why he loved you in the first place, and everything else will simply fall in place easily and naturally. Learning all about the solutions to the age old question "How do I get back with my ex?" is not really that tricky. The key, at the end of the day, is about taking the right first steps and then simply letting everything else fall into place as naturally as possible. The rest is simply all about letting nature take its course.

Finally, the good news is there is A SYSTEM you can easily follow that shows you how to push his/her: "Emotional Hot Buttons" to get him/her back & FOR GOOD!


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