Planning to lead a stress free life post retirement? Now, if you have answered a ‘yes’ then make sure to count on retirement savings calculator. This is because this form of calculator helps you in early retirement. In general, you will find them online, but then not all online resources are to be trusted. The authenticity of a retirement saving calculator will largely depend on how good you are into the research work. It has been often observed that the ones that are sponsored by the companies aren’t always good as others take the benefit of having to advertise their site or may be their organization. Hence, make sure that you are vigilant enough when it comes to planning for your retirement. Now, the question is what are the factors that you need to consider when it comes to finding a retirement savings calculator? Well, read on to get the answer-
1. Make sure the social security information (yours as well as your spouse) is present in the retirement planning. This of utmost importance because it forms the basic pillar of your plan.
2. You need to elaborate your monthly pensions so as to prevent yourself from the confusion that may come on your way. Additionally, monthly payments need to be also covered as this approach will help you plan your retirement accordingly.
3. Ensure preparing a rough estimation of inflation so as to ease your retirement process all the more.
4. There are some calculators that post retirement funds for you as well as for your spouse. This is significant as there are multiple things which are based on this.
These are a couple of things that good Retirement Calculator needs to have. This is chiefly because all significant things which will be covered should be evaluated well so as to help you spend the rest of your life (i.e. post retirement smoothly).
Retirement calculator considers different factors so as to prepare an estimate of the total amount which a person needs to save. These include-
1. present age of the individual
2. present retirement savings
3. his/her planned retirement age
4. average investment return 
5. life expectancy
6. monthly/ annual retirement saving
7. inflation rate
Thus, Retirement Savings Calculator forms an important part of your Retirement Planning.

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