Retirement can be best defined as a phase in life when one person stops working completely. Depending upon the situation one is faced with a person can retire partially, what is known as “semi-retire” and work for a lesser hours. At the same time there is the option of voluntary retirement systems too that individuals opt for. Planning post retirement has become a necessity in today’s day and age. The most important reason being the uncertainty that is attached to life. As a result you would come across so many brands coming up with retire planning and retirement schemes for people to invest. The other reason being that people want to be engaged in some sort of work even when they are not working full time.

Fast Facts about Retirement

Let us have a look at some of the fast facts that are associated with retirement. We have listed down the same for you:-

1. There are people who choose to retire at a given age and time. This is true for both public as well as private enterprises.
2. On the other hand, there are few who asked to retire keeping in mind their ailments and other allied health conditions.
3. In majority of the countries the concept of retirement is rather very recent. This was introduced in the 19th and 20th century.
4. In early years, the lack of pension deals and low life expectancy meant that most employees or workers would have to carry on with their services until death.
5. The first country that introduced this concept of retirement is Germany.

Retirement Basics

These days Retirement is very common globally. Most of countries have come up with programs and systems by which they can offer pensions to employees when they retire in their old age. This might be sponsored by the state or the employer. In today’s day and age, retirement along with pension payments is taken as a right that workers deserve. In most of the western countries the right is even added in the national constitution.

Retirement Hobbies

Most people cultivate retirement hobbies. The idea is to spend the non-working days in some sort of activity and fulfillment. One can travel places post retirement, but some sort of activity is required to keep life going. The most popular retire hobbies or activities that senior citizens find interest in are:-

1. Gardening
2. Pottery
3. Music
4. Teaching
5. Handicrafts
6. Painting
7. Origami

Retirement Planning is concerned with health and financial stability through investment plans, insurance, healthcare policies and lots more. Planning for retirement, a little prior is necessary to make your retired years meaningful and free of worry.

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I am Elsa Thomas and I would like to share my views on Retirement.