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Retirement doesn’t have to mean the end of your working days if you don’t want it to. Many think of this stage of life as the time to sit back and not have many responsibilities, but a hobby job post-career can give you plenty of fulfilling activity. Figure out what you want out of it, from boredom to a little extra cash, and do something you’ll enjoy. The three hobby jobs below can get you started.
Travel Jobs
Many retirees dream of travel once their working days die down, but it can seem inaccessible if you don’t have significant savings. Fortunately there’s a wealth of opportunities to travel and keep yourself busy at the same time, both to cover expenses and to make a profit while you vacation. You can start by seeking seasonal or part-time work in tourist-heavy places, especially during popular vacation times. You can also check out travel industry businesses for work, like becoming an employee on a cruise ship or with an airline. You might have to get creative and do a little digging to find the perfect position, but if you find it, the effort will be worth it.
Art SellingYour Own
With your work background giving you decades of knowledge, why not take your experience and start a business of your own? Many retirees are taking their work into their own hands and jumping into entrepreneurship, setting their own hours and pay as they choose what they do. It takes a little study and familiarity with how businesses work, but putting in enough hard work can help your launch be a success.
You can take one of your old jobs and spin it into personal work, like hosting classes or writing up guides to sell. You can also consider starting your own business, through companies like ACN. Make sure you do your research so you don't mistake a good business opportunity for an ACN Pyramid Scheme. Since you decide how much effort you’re willing to put into this work, you also have to manage where the money goes. Watch your savings and non-business costs on your way to being an entrepreneur and enjoy seeing your diligence pay off.
Retirement today isn’t the same as it was for the previous generation, and while you might need the additional funds, it doesn’t have to come from unpleasant toil. You have options, and so long as you can work, you should be able to enjoy it. The three jobs above can get you going in a field you already love. Put yourself back in the working world and say good-bye to a boring retirement.

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