Just like brick and mortar retailers, online businesses require a retention marketing strategy that enables them to re-engage customers with their brand. Retention marketing strategy enables businesses to establish a strong relationship with their customers so that they keep coming back to them. There are some of the best marketing automation platforms available that facilitates online businesses to increase sales through customer retention techniques.

Below are some of the retention marketing strategies we use to enable businesses to re-engage customers with their brand:-

Email your Customers with a Valuable Offers:

Nobody pays attention to an email with heavy content. Send email content that is valuable to your customers. It should be crisp and loaded with valuable offers. You can also engage with your customers by sending them a short note along with the link of an article they might be interested to read. GreyFOX AI uses Artificial Intelligence capabilities to enable businesses to automate their marketing emails. The AI platform successfully personalizes these offers to meet the demands of every individual customer. The platform sends personalized emails to the customers on their special events including birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

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