Someone who is a fresh graduate will obviously have a different kind of requirement for what to put in a resume and indeed could still be wondering how to write a resume. Free sample resumes are available for all purposes, including for fresh graduates and as people just entering the work force they would be required to place emphasis on different features than would other seasoned professionals.

While the former would typically have no or little experience to show, the latter would and this is what a fresh graduate would also have to compete with at times. One can consult a number of free resumes online for guidance; there are certain tips that fresh graduates would do well to keep in mind while drafting their resume:

Firstly, make a resume: Making a resume for an entry level job may itself be something that sets one apart from other applicants. Many don’t bother to draft one, preferring instead to fill out a standard application so when one makes the effort to write out a proper, well drafted resume that is relevant to the job, it can straight away make a good impression on a potential employer.

List any experience that may be valuable: Any volunteer work that one may have done, any school event that one may have headed and organized, or involvement on a project related to the environment may all be relevant to a potential employer. Make sure that the details about your experiences that you list in your resume are relevant to the job that you are seeking and that they would not be extraneous to the job at hand. For instance, if one in figuring out how to write a resume to apply for a nursing related job, it is more relevant to put in details about volunteer work that one may have done for a charitable institution or at the local hospital rather than putting in information about the summer job as a waiter or a cashier or about being the editor of the school magazine.

Concentrate on other accomplishments: If one has no work experience to include in the resume then one would have to fall back on listing a few other accomplishments to describe one's skills and abilities. A resume should ideally have the elements such as a heading, an objective, details about one's educational qualifications, and experience in jobs if any, other relevant activities and awards won if any. If references can be provided, then they may be mentioned.

Computer skills and levels of proficiency with the internet should be mentioned; they are skills without which it is difficult to make one's way in the job market. Extra languages that one may know will also be a definite plus; whether language skills are written, spoken or in reading should be stated, as also level of proficiency in the language.

When writing a resume, a fresh graduate should concentrate on presenting oneself as a serious contender for a position; someone with valuable skills and abilities who will be able to add value to the position.

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