Professional resume services offered by well trained and qualified individuals, by some people, are thought to be not needed and not worth the price. Well, I guess my first question might be, "Are you interested in gambling with your future on developing your own resume?"

That wonderful comedian and terrific humanitarian Danny Thomas once quipped:"Racetracks are the only place where the windows clean the people!" Only Danny could have come up with such a humorous but basically true statement.

At this time in history, where things are getting much tougher in the employment market and where we all know that resumes are an integral necessity for any kind of employment position movement or review, a professional resume is imperative. Should we, just for starters, be taking a gambling approach to dealing with your desire to provide better things for yourself and your family? Most of you have spent money and time preparing for this next step in your life by going to university, retraining yourselves and, sometimes, even taking a completely different track altogether because the old one was not going anywhere.

You reassessed your situation and discovered that you needed to invest time and money in yourself and, after discussion, you and your family felt the investment was needed and worth the stress required to complete the effort.

With the time, dollars and effort invested, does it not make sense to go the next step that will provide you with that professional image provided by your professional resume the first time without having to go though the rejection process. Does this help your situation? Now let's be honest. We are not talking the thousand's of dollars that were necessary to get you that upgrade. Would you go out and buy the car truck of your dreams, say a Porsche, Lamborghini or possibly a Hummer, and ask your neighbour to maintain and repair it? I think not. You would take your vehicle to a place that had professional, qualified people to do the necessary work. Does this analogy not apply to taking the next step in your life? Get that professionally written resume and the correct cover letter that displays your talents, abilities, experience, education, interests and accolades the first and most important time. Show this company how much better it will be having you on the payroll.

Don't let the windows clean you! Find someone with whom you are comfortable and can communicate your needs and who is more interested in "getting to know you" than simply typing out a resume you gave her or him. Don't get me wrong: I'm not trying to put the typist down, but just think of putting your vehicle you have wanted all your life into the hands of your neighbour.

Now, let's look at this situation from another angle. On this day, or any other day for that matter, can you truly say that you know just how your future is going to unfold. Now what I am talking about is not your personnal future i.e. are you going to get married, how many children you are going to have or if you are going to have any at all, are you going to go to university or college, where are you going to live and on it goes.

The future that we are discussing will absolutely have an effect on all the things mentioned above and more.

The future we are referring to is how are you going to make a living. My opinion is, that where we are in history, no preconceived plan can be adhered to without the events of life having an effect on said plan.

What events should be considered here. Well let's start with the economic situation. Who would have thought that companies that were looked on as immortal have been brought to their knees and some even to bankruptcy in a few years. There is very little chance that anyone will start and finish their working careers with the same company. Obviously, the changes may not be of your choosing. Down-sizing, outsourcing, moving locations are terms we are hearing frequently from companies in the daily news.

Be prepared either for a situation that may not be your choice or an unexpected opportunity that you may wish to explore. Have a professional resume that is up to date and ready to present your best image at the first opportunity to deal with the events of life that you did not see coming. It is a fact of life that these events will come.

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