Having discovered EFT* (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in 1999 and used it consistently since, EFT has now become part of my daily practice and is now an integral part of my profession. Some days I have a quick tap during my morning walk or in front of the bathroom mirror, and some days (every couple of months) I spend a couple of hours tapping on myself using m y inner spiritual guide to help me navigate through the emotional quagmire of the mind. I also make an appointment with an EFT Practitioner every 6 months or so for what I now call my EFT Service (Energetic MOT session) and Tune-up.

During our Training workshops, I sometimes encounter questions about my personal EFT practice and how come I am still at it after all this years. My answer to that is, to begin with (years ago) I worked with all the issues that debilitated me, fear feelings, deep anxiety, phobias and trauma, panic and self hate; then I worked with issues that frustrated me and held me back, beliefs, ideas, opinions, judgements, body image, weight projects, relationship issues, pain, fitness, addictions and cravings. After that I tackled the deep stuff, self-forgiveness, taking an inventory of the past, my desires, what did I really want. Now I use EFT, to stay centred and in harmony, to nourish the Self, to focus on feeling free, to experience deep relaxation that continues to deepen and grow, to remember that emotions are temporary, life is dynamic, to know mySelf intimately (this in itself is a dynamic ongoing process)… but most of all to expand my awareness of truth, love and bliss. EFT as a tool has profoundly impacted on my journey to health and wholeness.

What I love about EFT is that it is a powerful self-help tool, especially if used persistently. I encourage all my clients to learn it and all my trainees to be adept self-helpers (I also run a free monthly EFT self help support group too). When I first began to tap on myself after studying Gary Craig’s EFT manual and DVD’s, it didn’t seem to work. The depression and fear that dogged my life felt insurmountable. In the early days I didn’t know how to refine the process or really get to the bottom/the core of my many hang-ups. I persevered, I recognised EFT as a tool that worked with our energy body and with the power of intention, I knew that I had stumbled onto something that could change my life, I just did not know how or when. My first lesson as a newbie and self-tapper was to keep it simple. I didn’t have to get it right, or get the right word, once the intention was there, I was already tuning in. Instead of waiting to put time aside to tap through my stuff, I tapped whenever I was feeling anxious or scared or in pain. This is how I first noticed that I could self soothe effectively with the tapping. I was not 100% free of the anxious feelings but I was able to reduce the intensity to 50 or 70%, which made a huge difference. I studied all Gary Craig’s DVD’s over and over again, tapping, tuning in and basically modelling Gary. After about 7 months I noticed that things were definitely different in my life. I could go out, be with people and not feel like I needed to crawl home and die. It was very exciting; people around me were noticing changes too.

I was getting phone calls and emails asking me to share what was making such a difference in my life. At first I was reticent as I did not have any desire or plans to become an EFT practitioner and referred many to Gary Craig’s website. As the demand grew, and my understanding of EFT deepened it felt natural to start practising and sharing. One of my first clients had suffered from Hay fever most of her life, and was on anti histamine injections, after one session all her symptoms vanished; she moved to the countryside, didn’t need any medication and never looked back. For me it was a big turning point, my first one session wonder, and not the last either. It still took me over 3 years (I worked with clients for free during that time) to really commit to being an EFT therapist. Now I am glad that it took a while for the results from the EFT to show up in my life, it intrigued and challenged me. I studied and practised it from every angle. The person I was and the person I am now is very different. I feel so alive, vital and centred now.

As an EFT Artist and experienced Practitioner, I see clients problems as pictures and paintings covered with garbage and grime (pain, anxiety, limiting beliefs, fear). They are like stories that have become exaggerated, warped, fragmented with pain and fear. As we restore their paintings to their original brilliance, they discover dreams, magic, mystery, colour, the play of light and ways to change their paintings. They discover parts of their stories that were missing making the author feel whole again. Sometimes the damage to their paintings may seem irreversible, and they may need to reinvent themselves, start from scratch get a new canvas, but I have never known a single client who did not find a way to see the hidden beauty within themselves and then begin to manifest it.

In my own life, I can say that I have not had a cough or cold in years. When challenges come my way they are adventures. Aches, pains and injuries heal swiftly now. Having had a history of depression, chronic fatigue and migraines, it seemed impossible I could feel this relaxed, happy or confident; that I could be completely free from addictions, and that I would love myself and enjoy being alive. Before EFT came into my life I would easily succumb to depression. Now it is easy for me to shift my vibration, face myself with honesty and acceptance, restore harmony in my body, mind and spirit, and focus on truth and love. I must add here that I do pay attention to my physical needs as well, like diet, nutrition, supplementation and exercise. I also use an ancient Japanese healing art called Jin Shin Jyutsu that harmonises the body’s energy flows. I do not have all the answers but it also does not seem to matter as much anymore. I still wake up grumpy some mornings, the good news I laugh at myself soon after.

Thank you Gary Craig! I would also like to thank all the EFT Masters (especially Sue Beer, Emma Roberts and Carol look, who have played a very personal and vital role in my EFT journey). Thank you AAMET. You have all inspired me.

Having used EFT for almost everything, experimenting on myself for more than 9 years now, I still can’t get enough of this wonderful unravelling. It continues to be the most exciting process of self discovery and self-realisation. I would love to say that I am free from all mental and emotional suffering/stress and anxiety, but this would be a lie. The fact is for me it has happened little by little and yet the shifts happen so rapidly and I am able to maintain a heightened state of joyous awareness sometimes for days. I still experience fear and discomfort...the difference is that they pass through in moments... sometimes hours....I never dreamt I could be this happy, this contented, this free…

May you experience the Joy of Tapping into your Bliss.

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*What is EFT?
Quite simply EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) entails tuning into whatever is creating disharmony or distress, getting to the core of it through awareness and inquiry while at the same time tapping on various locations on the face, chest and fingers thus balancing the body’s energetic field and healing mental and emotional resistance, blocks and suffering.

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Ranjana is an inspired and sensitive LiberatingTouch-EFT, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Cutting Ties practitioner and AAMET certified trainer, workshop facilitator, artist and health researcher. She has devoted her life to experiencing and sharing peace, delight, beauty and harmony. She has travelled extensively and lectured in fine arts. Ranjana also succeeded in overcoming chronic health challenges and so dedicated herself since 1995 to the study of nutrition, complementary therapies and holistic health research. She is dedicated to the journey of self-realisation and meeting all of life with openness and love. She continues to paint and write.