Restylane And Skin Fillers

Restylane is a gel volume filler using dextrose and a non-animal based hyluronic acid. Restylane is designed to correct skin imperfections as wrinkles and lines. It enhances lip volume, a little or a lot. It is used to pump up, fill, and restore fullness to pits, lines, and depressions of skin. The filler must be skillfully and precisely injected in the correct amount and correct depth to restore lost volume problem. Risks of an allergic reaction or other problems are very low. It was approved by the FDA over ten years ago and constant monitoring shows it safe. Restylane has been used over a million times. You may be very surprised at who you know is using Restylane.

Restylane must be carefully injected by an experienced physician into the superficial part of the skin. It is much like pancake syrup in a syringe that gets semi firm with time. It is pushed deeper into the dermis, so color matching and wrinkle correction at the surface is not a problem. It corrects facial wrinkles and deep facial creases such as the nasal-labial folds located between the nose and edges of the mouth. It restores volume, firmness, and young smooth curves of the skin. Restylane is bio-degradable, breaking up into water and CO2. It does not have any of the negative side effects caused by many silicone-based types of fillers. Silicone based fillers later could possibly leave sand like grittiness in the skin. Botox is a muscle relaxant. It is used with Broad Band Light (BBL) and laser technology for skin pigmentation reduction, acne, facials, hair removal, and resurfacing, these make fantastic and dramatic facial combinations that change your look and confidence. The correct combination in the correct order Botox, fillers, and laser is the true key to success.

Scar tissue is sometimes broken up for later injections. Several days after the treatment, the gel can still be molded and shaped to correctly re-shape the skin. It usually last for up to six months. Recommended are two yearly treatments with decreasing quantities as the tissue adjusts and improves. The tissue below abnormalities breaks up and the body deposits natural resources after each procedure. Healing can often restore the surface to its natural contour. Lip enhancement can be days to weeks to completely mature. This allows you to be the judge of when and how much and exactly when to stop or add more at any time you chose. Never volume filler may last up to 1 ½ years. Restylane, usually can last 4 to 6 months. Your face changes approximately every year. You and the doctor need to talk about the right application for you.

Restylane and Botox are a winning combination. They can be used on patients before and/or after laser therapy. Patients are encouraged to discuss treatment options and questions with the physician prior to any procedure. Situations often may require specific combination. Specific treatment is tailored to the exact needs of each person. It is used by physicians, attorneys, entertainers, and men and women in the corporate world to enhance their looks and possibly give them the confidence their success demands.

It is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women. Do not use on patient under age of 18. Patients using Restylane should not take aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication, vitamin E, or Saint John’s Wort within two weeks prior to and one week after treatment. Minor redness and swelling of the injected areas may occur and last for a few days. Excessive exposure to sunlight and low temperatures should be avoided in the few days following treatment. Patients suffering from cold sores may experience a flare-up of the condition in treated areas. These episodes can be treated with anti-viral medication prior to and during treatment. Sometimes, topical anesthetics and specialized thermal effects can be used for comfort in very sensitive areas or by request, thereby making the procedure easy and comfortable.

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