What on earth has redundancy got to do with pyjamas? And more importantly, how can the notion serve your business operation ? Well, let me explain. With the advent of the industrial revolution came radical change which continues today. Business’s are restructuring, and with that, the job you had 3 weeks ago…is gone ! Any of you who have been through that process will know of the shock and the isolation. Any of you who have had to orchestrate it will know how difficult it is for everybody on staff. People seem to be ill equipped and nobody knows what to say or do!


Steve Lundin in his FISH program ( US Author of Fish sticks and other books ) has four simple philosophies. Have fun, choose your attitude, make their day and be in the moment. I used these principles the one and only time I went through redundancy, and managed to educate, inspire , amuse and enthuse the team I worked with while it happened. I also managed my own stress levels.

Within 5 minutes of being advised of my “impending doom” I wrote my report and had it back to management within 24 hrs, which is incidentally part of my guarantee. In an environment where it can take 7-10 days to generate responses, they were taken by surprise. Then of course the first meeting occurred, where you feed back the ideas you have that might reverse or slow your departure. Ever the humorist, to this solemn occasion I wore my “Little Miss Naughty” jamies.


Because my feedback message was serious, but couched in fun. The reason I was being made redundant had nothing to do with my performance. I had achieved 100 % outcomes. It did however, have to do with “bums on seats”, and I was going because there were not enough. It is my premise that all the advertising in the world will not generate sales or bums on seats if your previous customer has not loved you!

I argued that “Your customer cannot feel this close to you if they do not know you. You cannot satisfy their needs if you do not know them. Intimately. And you cannot do that unless you ‘get into bed with them” and see how life is for them. See what counts in their world. See what problems they need to solve. When you know how many have lost children, had car accidents, are depressed, have financial worries... the list goes on…and you use what you know to help them solve some of those problems…then the referrals will come in waves. This is the essence of being good humoured ! It is about being absolutely responsive. And when you are the sales will come .”

If you need evidence that ” Humour Works” this is it! In order to make an impact in business you have to touch people logically and emotionally. Get into bed with your customers ? The idea is laughable … right? Yet when we do ( figuratively speaking ) we can achieve phenomenal success.

Author's Bio: 

Professional Speaker, Facilitator, Coach and Author

Past President National Speakers Association NZ
Member Professional Speakers NZ
Member International Humour Foundation
Member Australian Centre on Quality of Life
Trustee Centre for Compassion NZ

Pat Armitstead, New Zealand’s leader in the Science of Positive Psychology and Humour in the Workplace has a CV that’s not to be laughed at! Included in her giggliography are some ground breaking achievements, testimony to her ability to successfully combine her business acumen, creativity, and wit.

Initially a Registered Nurse she worked for 34 years in Education Management and communication roles in the health sector and in business. In 1989 she founded her own Advertising Agency, Take One Productions and won 11 awards including the NSW Tourism Award, Media Section and an award from Cacharel in Paris. She has presented over 11,000 hours of keynotes, workshops, seminars and lectures reaching an astounding 55,000 people throughout Australasia.