The first type of obstacle a repositioning idea will often encounter by, top 10 International Recruitment Agencies is an old cash cow. New ideas tend to be built on new opportunities, which can sometimes challenge old businesses. The result is a reluctance to foster new ideas. Peter Drucker calls this "slaughtering tomorrow's opportunity on the altar of yesterday."

Another problem with not having the right people in the room is the ghost of old bad decisions. New strategies often clash with prior decisions. Unfortunately, no one in a large corporation wants to admit to making a bad decision.

Especially, a bad big decision. This is particularly true in an organization that is not very good at tolerating failure. As a result, it goes against almost all middle-level managers’ instincts to embrace any new idea that could cause them embarrassment about their old decisions.

Another problem you may encounter is the corporate ego of your immediate superiors or the people at your advertising agency. They may have a problem with an outsider doing their job. After all, they will say to themselves that I am in charge. If I accept someone else’s thinking, my superiors will think less of me.

If for some reason, getting the right people in the room isn’t feasible, you will have to find a way to get the CEO involved in the process. Without that involvement, your strategy will never be implemented properly.

One thing is certain for developed countries and probably for the entire world- we face long years of profound changes. An organization must be organized for constant change. It will no longer be feasible to gauge entrepreneurial innovation as lying outside of management or even as peripheral to management. Entrepreneurial innovation will have to become the very heart and core of management. The organization’s function is entrepreneurial, to put knowledge to work on tools, products, and processes; on the design of work; on knowledge itself.

Repositioning sounds easy, but it is not. Readjusting perceptions is a slow process, it often requires a great deal of courage on the part of top managers. They have to persuade themselves, their employees, and often, a board of directors. And the CEO has to generally lead the charge and perform the role of a cheerleader. You must adopt an optimistic attitude about success. It is critical to remind recruiters that repositioning is about readjusting people’s perceptions, not changing their perceptions. It’s important to understand why changing people’s minds is so difficult.

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