Cracks, stains, and misshapenness of teeth are a few major causes of teeth dysfunctions. They are playing a pivotal role in making the smile fade in many people. However, veneers provide a solution to these problems, thus restoring the functionality of your teeth. Veneers in Falls Church help you permanently restore your beautiful smile since they are thin covers that usually bond directly to your front teeth, thus hiding all the stains and cracks.

What are veneers?

Veneers are said to be thin porcelain covers that usually bond to your front teeth.  Veneers are well-shaped and colored to match your teeth, giving them an attractive and natural look. Veneers usually have several roles like disguising gaps, cracks, and stains. They also cover miss shaped teeth and strengthen the weak teeth.

Additionally, veneers do not require significant surgeries and do not alter the structure of your mouth. There are also lumineers like veneers, but they are a bit thinner than the veneers. The lumineers used are made from a thin cerinate porcelain material, while the veneers are made from a thick porcelain material.

Are veneers right for me?

The staff and other health care personnel help you determine whether the veneers suit you by examining your smile at times and discussing the treatment goals you want them to achieve. In case they find out that veneers is the best option for you, the specialist usually gives you another appointment when you will receive your veneers.

The next appointment is usually given to give the staff enough time to mold your lower and upper teeth. Both molds are usually sent to the dental lab along with your pertinent dental records and your photos. During this visit, the experts also determine the shade you want your veneers to look. After a few days, the lab returns your custom lumineers or veneers to the facility.

In your second visit, the specialist bonds these veneers to your teeth. The teeth surfaces are cleaned and etched. Lastly, a special kind of cement is applied to your teeth, and the ventures are placed on them carefully.

Advantages of veneers and lumineers

The lumineers and veneers usually offer you several advantages. It is affordable and does not require any invasive procedures; it is easy to maintain, resistant to stains, and shade customizability. They do not bother your gums, especially the veneers. The veneers also last for approximately five to ten years. On to their maintenance, they only require you to brush or floss them daily. Also, ensure you visit this facility regularly for checkups to ensure your veneers or lumineers last longer.

Suppose you are interested in learning more about veneers or lumineers, call Gentle Touch Dental P.C today. You can also book an appointment online to secure yourself a date for your visits to the facility to have your veneers fixed. The experts will also explain what you must do to ensure your veneers last longer. They also play a significant role in restoring the functionality of your teeth.

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