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Summer grill time discover the guarded grill recipes from famous restaurants. Free restaurant copycat recipes from TGI. Bahama Breeze grilled Steak Kabobs. ENJOY!

Bahama Breeze Bahamian Grilled Steak Kabobs
Restaurant Copycat Recipes
Serves: 2
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
4 Bahamian Steak Kabobs
3/4 cup Kabob Basting Sauce
Salt and Pepper To Taste
2 Servings of Your Favorite Side-dish

Place the kabobs on a well oiled, preheated char-grill. During the
grilling process turn the kabobs over every 2 minutes and baste the
cooked sides lightly with basting sauce to develop a glaze. Grill
to your desired doneness and lightly season with salt and pepper
before removing from the grill. Serve with your favorite side dish
and Enjoy!!!

Steak Marinating
8 Steak Chunks, 1 oz wt pieces
Your Favorite Teriyaki Marinade ½ Cup

Place all the ingredients in a bowl and toss to coat and evenly
mix. Cover and place on the bottom level of your refrigerator and
let marinate for at least 4 hours.

Bahamian Steak Kabob Prep
8 Marinated Steak Chunks
1" pieces of your favorite vegetables as needed
* 2 Bamboo or Metal Skewers 12"
* If bamboo skewers are used, soak in water for one hour prior to
use to avoid burning during the grilling process

Skewer the marinated steak and vegetables until the skewers are
full. Be sure to leave a little space between the items on the
skewer to ensure even cooking.

Kabob Basting Sauce
1/4 cup Orange Juice Fresh Squeezed
1/2 cup Pickapeppa Sauce or BBQ Sauce
1 Tbsp Brown Sugar
2 tsp Chopped Cilantro

Mix the ingredients in a small bowl until evenly combined and set aside for grilling.
Source: Bahama Breeze

Cooking Tips
Three Secrets of Jerk Cooking:

- Marinating. The longer meat marinates in the seasonings, the more
robust the flavor.

- Slowly grilling meat over a low fire. When cooking at home, meat
can be roasted in a low-temperature oven for one to two hours, then
finished on the grill.

- Wood chips. Adding wood chips to your grill's fire enhances the
flavor. Pimento (allspice) wood boosts authentic jerk flavor. So do
apple wood, mesquite or hickory chips. Soak the chips in water so
they don't burn immediately. Allowing the smoke from the chips to
permeate the meat will create an authentic jerk flavor.
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