You can use a multimeter to check whether the batteries are still holding a charge or not anymore. Finding out if the battery is still in perfect condition to be used is not difficult if you have a multimeter. Try using the multimeter and if the voltage is lower than what is being stated on the battery, then you should replace it. Here are easy steps to find out if the battery can still be used:

Inspect the battery to find out if it is rechargeable. If so, then you have to charge the batteries using a battery charger. See to it that the batteries you have are rechargeable. The instant they are already full, take them off the battery charger. Keep from overcharging your battery since this can cause damage.

Now set your multimeter in place in DC volts setting. Next, you should connect the positive lead to the positive terminal and the negative lead on to the negative terminal. Verify the result from the multimeter and do a comparison of the actual numbers from the voltage rating of the battery to this number, and you will see whether the battery is still usable or not anymore. If the result is lower than the voltage rating, then it only denotes that it's time to buy a new battery.

Most, if not all batteries usually do not contain mercury or cadmium, which make them safe to toss in to the non-biodegradable trash. But, it is still safer to give them to recycling centers for better disposal.

Batteries that are used for vehicles usually are crafted from lead acid. So, it can be harmful to the environment. Do not forget that lead acid is a deadly chemical so you need to be responsible enough to properly get rid of such batteries.

When throwing out batteries, it is important to dispose of them in a proper way in order to avoid polluting the environment. Some specific states have specified laws on how to get rid of batteries. Keep in mind your local state's regulations regarding proper battery disposal. You can also try to find out if there are any recycling centers in your area. Aside from that, it is possible to sell or donate your batteries there for proper waste disposal. If not, the dangerous chemicals from the battery could leak into the ground and could possibly pollute the water.

Also, when getting a battery, it is a good idea that you choose a rechargeable one. This will likely cost somewhat more than disposable batteries but at least there is no need to buy again and again. Also, you're going to be helping the environment.

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