Natural respiratory herbs to help recover respiratory problems

  • Chickweed – Chickweed as a respiratory herb can heal lungs of almost any inflammation that can occur and at the same time moistens phlegm and helps in its expectoration. This respiratory herb also relieves sore throat, strengthens the lining of the tissue and lastly, has a significant nutritive component and is beneficial to those who are suffering from chronic deficiency conditions with exhaustion. Not only that, chickweed gently dissolves the membranes in terms of lung and throat membranes and at the same time emulsifies and neutralizes toxins. It also weakens bacteria cell walls thus making them vulnerable to disruption.
  • Plantain – Plantain helps in toning the mucous membranes and helps in reducing phlegm and at the same time soothes inflamed as well as painful mucus membranes. It also an anti-catarrhal herb that helps in decreasing mucus by inhibiting fluid mucus secretion thus providing relief from coughing, wheezing, hay fever, allergies, asthma, etc. Plantain as one of the most effective respiratory herbs that help in reducing the urge to cough, dissolves mucus, is useful against growth of bacteria and inflammation and works as a demulcent with antibiotic effects.
  • Violet – This one is useful against chest inflammation and is considered to be an extremely effective soothing expectorant that helps in bringing about relief to harsh irritating coughs and infections in the chest reduces feverish colds and is a soothing gargle for sore throats, helps in decongesting the lymph and the same time loosens constraints. It also circulates energy as well as generating strength, breaks up and removes congestion etc.
  • Breathing exercises – Though it does not come under the realm of “respiratory herbs”, yet it is better if you start practicing breathing exercises around the same time you are experiencing difficulty in breathing so as to help you stabilize your breathing patterns. Try to breathe slowly which can be bought through your nose or mouth and after that with your lips pressed together, slowly breathe out.

These were a few respiratory herbs that can not only heal your respiratory problems but at the same time heal much faster. This makes them better than commercial medications because though they can heal faster but can turn out to be harmful in the long run.

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