Respiratory infection: an overview

The respiratory system helps to pull oxygen out of the air and delivers it to the blood. Upholding good respiratory health can turn difficult during seasonal challenges. What happens when pollution, congestion and other breathing problems attacks your respiratory system? You receive a smaller amount of life sustaining oxygen carried throughout your body thereby making you feel uncomfortable.

If you or any of your acquaintance has been struggling with respiratory problems for years, a healthy New Year gift in the form of respiratory herbs is the retort to your query. Herbs help to support the immune and respiratory system there helping the body to fight against respiratory infections such as cold, cough, flu, asthma, bronchitis to name a few.

Fight respiratory infections this New Year with herbs

  • Juniper berries: this herb contains antimicrobial properties that help to fight against upper as well as lower respiratory infections. It contains expectorant and warming actions. It also helps in stimulating the production of WBC (white blood cells) and hence can prove effective in the first phases of flu or common cold. For best results take it in the form of tea as it contains diaphoretic properties that can help in curing fever.
  • Osha: it is well-known for ages as one of the most effective respiratory herbs. It has myriad health benefits. It helps to treat acute viral respiratory infection and anesthetizes and soothes bronchial inflammation and sore throats. Osha acts as an expectorant that encourage the thinning as well as expelling of mucus that is ideal for hacking, dry coughs. To add to it, this helps to increase oxygenation in the lungs. Its tincture or tea form in water works as a diuretic that causes sweating thereby helping to break fever. It helps in eliminating toxins that are particularly effective in the initial phase of an infection. Osha work wonders for fever that wavers from hot-chilled, permitting the body in conserving energy.
  • Thyme: this herb contains antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties that help in treating several respiratory tract infections such as flu, colds, sinus, asthma, whooping cough and sinus infections. It also acts an antitussive and an expectorant that is effective for dry, unproductive coughs. This is one of the most effective respiratory herbs.
  • Elecampane: known as an effective respiratory tonic, Elecampane helps in speedy recovery process particularly for the lingering lung infections. This herb is ideal for respiratory problems having surplus bronchial secretion such as bronchitis. It is also beneficial for any irritation caused in the bronchi and trachea that results in irritable and persistent coughing. Along with acting as a soothing expectorant, it also functions as an astringent for reducing excess mucus. Elecampane root acts both as a diuretic and a diuretic. For best results, consume this root in the form of a hot decoction for inducing sweating and helping to break a fever.

Give these respiratory herbs as a healthy New Year gift to yourself or your loved one and say goodbye to respiratory infections.

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New Year starts with new hope and full of joy so live fit and healthy. New Year Gifts are available of herbal remedies for health .

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