Without respect no life form could survive. The sun would not shine upon the fields,if the fields did not appreciate it. The rain would not fall upon the earth,if the earth did not welcome it. Without respect the galaxies and the entire universe would not hold together. No society could exist without respect. No collaboration,no lasting relationships. Respect is fundamental to existence. It recognizes that everything in the universe is intrinsically valuable to the whole: matter,energy,people,animals,plants; All that exists,exists in relations to everything else. Everything is intertwined. All elements affect one another.

We,humans,are all connected and must treat with respect everyone and everything,we come in contact with. Without respect,not even a blade of grass would grow. A flower would be ignored by the insects and butterflies,and would not get pollinated. A child would not develop into a healthy adult,if the parents did not respect it. A family would not hold together without respect between its members. Without respect a bird would never learn to fly. Respect for the laws of nature. Respect for all beings.

When humans do not respect someone,they treat him/her as an object to be used,rather than a person. When they do not respect the earth,they treat it as an object to be exploited. This attitude of entitlement and disregard,prevails in our world nowadays and is destroying the earth and its inhabitants. We consume,and consume,and consume. Hence,we are called: Consumer Society. The members of consumer society are primarily interested in instant gratification of material needs and desires. They have no foresight. They are action oriented,and barely think before they act. This kind of mentality can only go so far,before a society reaches the end of the road.

Now,naturally,some people are more important to us than others. We value them more. We appreciate their presence in our lives. This does not imply that the lives of others are of less value. A near sighted man declared: I like milk,but I hate cows! If one wants to drink milk,one must respect the cow. Another man said: I like the river,but I don't like the fountain-head. Without respect for the fountain-head,the river would get polluted. When we respect someone or something,we take good care of them. Whatever we do not respect and cherish,dies out or leaves our lives. That is cosmic law.

We must give respect to our children. We must give respect to our elders. We must respect women,minorities,the handicapped and everyone else. We must also treat with respect,those who do not seem to benefit us,those who are helpless,and those who do not share our world view. We even have to treat with respect,those whom we do not respect! When we belittle someone,or a group of people,we become less human. We fall to the lower grounds.

We must respect ourselves too,and demand respect from others,when it is due. Furthermore,we must respect ourselves,even if we live in a society that does not respect us. Finally,seekers who are on a path to union with THE CREATOR,must hold as sacred all of CREATION.

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Gloria Eagle(oracledreamhealer)is a modern sage. She has been a guide to healing and liberation for over 30 years. She is known as a NAGUAL WOMAN,in the Toltec tradition. She was trained by Carlos Castaneda in the Art of Dreaming. She also holds several academic degrees from Western universities.
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