Students get noticed; build your life, career and network. Well at the moment it's June 2012, in about four months time thousands of Australian students will be sitting their final exams at various educational institutions around the country. Obviously hoping they achieve an excellent result but regardless of the result obtained today's current financial climate means that companies and organizations are only employing a very small number of people. Thankfully young people are best represented in the employment market at the moment there are major opportunities for young people especially within the IT industry.

While it goes without saying that good school grades will get you a good job we are aware that it also depends upon the people you know. You already have a network you probably just don't realize it yet these people would be fellow students, friends, acquaintances, family, your family's friends, these people are your network at the moment and these are all people that can help you build your life career and network.

Competition for jobs at the moment is fierce so to put yourself ahead of the pack you need to make sure you get noticed by that I mean your resume should rise to the top of the pile there are many ways to do this.

A short one or two page resume.

Well written no spelling mistakes.

Your resume must include an employment objective statement.

Your name and address and contact details. (People actually forget this).

Hide the job ad in your resume

Sneaky Trick Gives Students Some Clout

It is important to hide the job ad in your resume, but I will tell you how in a minute. All large companies today use e-mail auto responder programs so when you upload your resume the auto responder program looks for keywords associated with the position you are applying for if these keywords are not present in your resume your resume will be junked and the employer will never see it, this technique is used by all large companies and employment agencies it's a simple way for them to vet resumes and greatly cut down on their workload.

It's very easy to hide the job ad in your resume and no one will ever see it just remember to do it in some free white space I suggest in the bottom right-hand corner so you remember where it is.

Okay go find the job advertisement online then simply paste the text from the job advertisement into your resume, but don't forget to hide it make the text font size 1x then make the text white, there it's hidden. And no one will know it's their only you. And it will give you a major advantage with your online applications.

There is another really excellent way to get noticed simply put up a Webpage. I suggest you register the domain name as your own name for example John Smith or John J Smith or J Smith or J. J. Smith or any other variation of your own name that is available. Then built the page around yourself put all your school grades on the webpage your achievements your hobbies and any other achievements and interests, You can then include this website address in your resume and show potential employers how good you are at building websites it also shows you are prepared to go the extra mile and put some effort in.

Building yourself a webpage is really quite easy if you buy a basic hosting package for as little as $10 a month, Or some sites even offer you a free web page with the domain name purchase these also offer basic webpage builders which make it very easy to build your webpage, but you should do a Google search to find the best package for you.

Social networking sites like Facebook should be used as well everyone knows how popular Facebook is so why not use it in your professional network start a Facebook group about your professional activities and advertise it on your wall. Approach professional groups and make you known but keep it professional and polite at all times.

Don't let the fear of making mistakes paralyse you get yourself out there get known let the world know (real name) is coming and they should stand back most people have a confidence problem if you use these tips and tricks it will make your life a whole lot easier and you should get more interview's. Next it's up to you, Impress that employer that will be sitting across the desk and don't be nervous don't be shy be confident with yourself and confident with your experience and you will get the job you want.

That's it for now.

By Graham Drew.

June 6th 2012.

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