Did you make a New Year's resolution a few months back? If so, how is it working out for you? If you already achieved it or are well on your way, congratulations! If you're like many folks, though, it's possible that you have already forgotten about your resolution, but don't be discouraged. You may find that the arrival of spring is a good time to renew your commitment to create positive change in your life.

Here's an exercise to get you back on track:

1. At the top of a sheet of paper, write down the main goal you would like to achieve. Make it detailed. For instance, instead of simply writing "Lose Weight," write "Lose 20 Pounds by December 30th"—or whatever number of pounds it is you want to lose and the date by which you choose to lose it—or "Quit Smoking in One Month by Cutting Back One Cigarette/Day"—or "Quit Smoking 'Cold Turkey' by Next Week" or whatever feels realistic and desirable to you. Let the title state the main goal along with what you'll be doing to reach it and by when you'll achieve it.

2. Below your main goal, make a list of any habits or behaviors that have prevented you from achieving that goal. Make the list as complete as possible, including all of those things that have either a big impact or even just a little impact on your objective. Leave some space between each item because you'll be coming back to this to write more.

When you feel the list is as complete as you can get it, number each item according to how impactful that habit or behavior is. For example, 1 would be the most impactful habit or behavior, 10 or 20 (or whatever the maximum number of your list is) would be the least impactful habit or behavior. If you're typing this up on the computer, you can even cut-and-paste the items on your list to place them in order of impactfulness, with most impactful on top and least impactful at the bottom.

Once you have given some order to your list, go back and, in the spaces you left, write down at least one action you will take to overcome each of your negative habits and behaviors and the date that you will begin that action. If multiple actions would create change in a habit or behavior more efficiently than just one, then write down all of those actions. It's important that these be actions you are willing to take and actually plan on taking.

3. Make a list of all your strengths—even if, at first, they don't seem related to your goal. It's okay to take a little time with this. Aim to write down at least five strengths that you have. You probably have many more than that, but if you can only think of one or two or even four, spend a little more time with this exercise until you have at least five. If you can list even more than that—fantastic! You're already ahead of the game.

Once you have your list. Think about each of those strengths and decide how you will apply each one toward achieving your goal. Don't forget to write all of this down.

4. Now that you have explored those behaviors that hold you back from achievement and the strengths that you have to support you during this time of change, you should now have a plan of action—along with some tools—that, if implemented, will see you through to the achievement of your goal. If, however, you found that you were unable to create a sufficient action step to eliminate or change any one or more of the negative habits or behaviors on your list from step 2, continue reading on to step 5.

5. If there is any habit or behavior that you were not able to create an action step for, circle it, put a big check mark next to it, or highlight it in some way. In addition, if there is an action step that you find yourself resistant to implementing, highlight that as well.

Beginning with the most impactful habit/behavior that you have highlighted (and eventually working your way through the other highlighted items on your list), apply hypnosis to the issue in order to shift your mindset in a way that will inspire your creative and intuitive mind to conceive the most appropriate action for you to take, or that will motivate you to follow through with your stated actions confidently and consistently, while intensifying the strengths that will best assist you.

You might consider experiencing this change through self-hypnosis. To learn more about how you can utilize self-hypnosis, visit my webpage and click on the link under "Products" to request my free guide. When you're ready for deeper and more profound changes, contact me to learn more about hypnosis and to schedule some sessions.

Make this year your year of success!

Author's Bio: 

Michele P. Rousseau is a practicing hypnotist in Middletown, Connecticut. Her website is www.micheleprousseau.com.