To resize photo correctly, pixel dimensions is important. Otherwise it will be resampling and not resizing. There are some simple ways to resize photos with no change in pixel count. Smaller compressed versions can be uploaded and sent quickly. Unlike in case of resampling, the pixels are changed manually. Often people like to share a large amount of pictures via emails and social networking sites. Uploading pictures can be painful and time consuming. But how does one resize each photo and yet retain the sharpness. Ideally the help of a professional editor is the best solution. Yes, one can do it also but the images may look blurry and lose the charm and authenticity.

Photoshop has a CS version that makes the entire editing process easy. It has a Bicubic Sharper that does not allow the picture to blur. So if the original picture has about 2000 pixels then it can be reduced to 250 pixels with still the same quality. The Bicubic smoother also can be used if need be. To ensure that the originality is not compromised then this feature should be used only once. It should not be used many times on one image. The same effect will not occur when it is done many times. Once it is decided that it is picture perfect then one can do the final version. To resize photo with this feature use a normal image. A GIF format is not suitable for it. It needs to be changed to a RGB format.

To resize photo for the websites is another major reason why professionals are approached for the job. When a professional is on the job, he will use the software to keep uniformity in the resize designs. When the reduction is done the photos tend to be as sharp even though they are reduced more than 20 times of the original size. Although for amateur editors window resize is available there is a stark difference in the professional quality. When there are many pictures they can all be resized together. It is a time saver and speeds up the work for clients. This is a requirement for any web related work. There are many other ways to resize photo for special needs. An iMac has an entirely different way of employing the same technique. Many editors are looking at alternate solutions to help clients to have better-looking pictures. The key to the entire process is to learn at least a couple of styles of techniques. There is no ‘right way’ or a ‘wrong’ one as long as the purpose is served.

It isn’t the best thing to save money and not use a professional. There are some common mistakes most people make when they try to do it themselves. The most obvious is stretching it. Instead dragging it is a better option. This is one of the little things that a professional knows. He targets the aspect to ration more accurately. Hence it is best to let someone who knows his job do the work.

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