Expansive resin injection remains today the only solution to comfort the foundations of your house in depth without demolishing, nor having to leave your house, or move your furniture.

Why do you need to treat soils?

The nature of the basement, climatic hazards, all combined with undersized foundations can destabilize your home. The ground sags, unsightly cracks appear inside and out, on the walls and/or on the ground. Depending on their location, they are more or less dangerous and can jeopardize the sustainability of your home.

Expansive resin injection: its many advantages

Different methods exist to overcome these disorders once they have been identified. The traditional solutions of recovery underwork or recovery by micropiles have the drawback of being heavy and invasive. In addition to numerous and imposing materials, it is above all necessary to dig up to the base of the foundations by breaking up interior pavements and exterior fittings as they pass. Hence the success of the technique using injections of expanding resin driveway . Quick to set up and economical, it represents an equally effective alternative without these inconveniences. It allows immediate lifting and stabilization of the soil. Generally, the operations of expanding resin injection do not exceed one week for a single-family house. Specialized in soil consolidation and stabilization of all types of buildings, this company has developed an expanding resin that respects the environment and the quality of indoor air to preserve the health of occupants while securing their habitat.


The safety on the health of the expansive resin of The Resin Slab Company has been proven. Biologically and chemically inert, it does not degrade over time and does not pollute its environment, whether it is the soil, soil water, or ambient air.

The multiple guarantees offered by The Resin Bonded Slab Company

The Resin Bonded Slab Company expansive resin injection technique to stabilize foundations and pavements benefits from Technical Assessment n ° 3 .3 / 18-966_V1 (or ATec). This document, drawn up by the Center Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB), an independent body recognized by the State, certifies the levels of performance achieved in the face of a set of regulations. A real holy grail for building professionals since it proves the perfect technical mastery and the know-how of companies with an ATec.

Often acting on behalf of drought victims, The Resin Bonded Slab CompanyBo is used to working with most insurance companies.

But whether or not the work is covered by your comprehensive home insurance, their interventions are always covered by a ten-year guarantee. In other words, if you notice the slightest problem in the part treated within 10 years, this company undertakes to carry out new injections to remedy it.

From an environmental point of view, be reassured their expansive resins have EXCELL PLUS approval confirming that they have no harmful impacts in sensitive areas, whether in the short, medium, or long term.

Over the past 12 months, this company has also obtained two new certifications: ISO 9001 for quality management, optimization of customer satisfaction and internal processes as well as QUALIBAT to confirm its technical skills and reliability.

Finally, it is a proven technique because The Resin Bonded Slab Company has stabilized all types of structures for over 25 years, including historic monuments! To date, more than 17,000 buildings have been made permanent through this
How does an intervention take place?

First of all, a regional business engineer will visit the site in order to observe the disorders and confirm that their origin is the result of a problem related to the ground. His visit is free and without any commitment, it is the same for the estimate that he can send you on request after his arrival.

Based on a geotechnical study, the resin bonded slab company operational team determines the positioning of the injections for optimal treatment before drilling holes along the foundations or within the sagging paving. Subsequently, the steel injection cannulas are introduced and the injections are carried out under close supervision in order to adapt the treatment perfectly to the reactions of the building, and therefore to adjust the quantity of resin injected.

The tubes are then cut and the holes filled with a suitable putty.
Finally, post-intervention tests are carried out to confirm the improvement of the soil and validate the achievement of previously defined objectives.

Zoom on The Resin Bonded Slab Company

The expansive resin developed by the resin bonded slab company impregnates the ground for localized treatments and even allows the sagging ground to be raised. It cures in a few seconds without moving away from the injection point, which offers extreme precision to the procedure. Indeed, only the area that needs to be treated will be! Other actors with a slower resin will not be able to guarantee you this same result.

The exclusive formulation of the resin bonded slab company ensures high swelling pressure to compact the soil, in addition to filling it. The injection is controlled by permanent laser monitoring. As soon as the technician identifies the start of a reaction on his measuring tools, he stops the operation. This is a sign that the soil cannot be further compacted, the effectiveness of the intervention is then assured and immediate. All that remains is to do the repair work such as stapling cracks, repairing facades ...
What is the cost of this type of intervention on a house?
Several criteria must be taken into account to assess the cost of this type of intervention: the type of subgrade under the foundations, the surface to be treated, the depth of injection, etc.

Indeed, the quantity of resin and the number of injections to be carried out vary according to each site, and this obviously has an impact on the price.

Our good plan

The resin bonded resin company has set up a very intuitive online estimation tool to quantify the cost of this type of work precisely and in less than 48 hours. All you have to do is let yourself be guided and fill in as much information as possible about your home, the disorders, and the land. A highly qualified engineer will then carry out an on-site visit to confirm the estimate, verify the correspondence of the data received and, if necessary, refine the estimate.

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Indeed, the quantity of resin and the number of injections to be carried out vary according to each site, and this obviously has an impact on the price.